PDF Books & Magazines

1.       0290 by Michael Murray
2.       10 Essential Card Tricks
3.       101 Psychic Tests by Al Mann
4.       10S Star Sign Divination by Olivier Boes
5.       110 Amazing Magic Tricks with Everyday Objects
6.       13 by Paul Wilson
7.       13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda
8.       15 Illusions Avec Universal by James Hodges
9.       2 Thoughts by Pablo Amira
10.     20 Effects for Psychic Entertainers by Bruce Bernstein
11.     2017 Blackpool Lecture Notes by Francis Menotti
12.     202 Methods of Forcing by Theodore Annemann
13.     21st Century Canasta by Mark Elsdon
14.     21st Century Card Magic by James Swain
15.     25 Rubber Penetration Trick
16.     27 Illusions by Howard Ray Lawrence
17.     3510 by Luke Jermay
18.     400 Tricks You Can Do by Howard Thurston
19.     4E Illusion Design by Mark Parker
20.     5 A.M. (5 Amazing Miracles*) by Harapan Ong
21.     5 Miracles with ESP Cards by Pablo Amira
22.     5 Professional Routines by John Carey
23.     5 Times 5 by Richard Kaufman (Japan Edition)
24.     50 Miracles with 5 Star Miracle Deck by Al Mann
25.     50 Stagecraft Secrets by Wayne Dobson
26.     50:50 Fantasia by Ian Rowland
27.     52 Memories by Andi Gladwin & Jack Parker
28.     5X5 Scotland by Peter Duffie
29.     777 by RedDevil
30.     A Book in English by Woody Aragon
31.     A Clockwork Apple by Chris Mayhew
32.     A Magical One-Act Play by Daniel Velasco
33.     A Piece Of My Mind by Michael Murray
34.     A S.A.D Night in Hamburg by Looch
35.     A Symphony of Silence by Peter Turner
36.     A Thought Well Stolen by Ben Harris
37.     A.C.A.A.N  By Stephen Tucker
38.     A.D.A.C.A.N by Alan Rorrison
39.     A.I.R. (Almost Impromtu Riser) by David Forrest
40.     AAA Phone Mystery by Marc Paul
41.     Abacus by Rus Andrews
42.     Absolute Magic by Derren Brown
43.     Absolute Zero Evolution by Paul Wilson
44.     Abyss The Revolutionary Coin In Bottle by The Enchantment
45.     ACAAN by Sean Goodman
46.     ACAAN Project by Pablo Amira
47.     ACAANasta by Pablo Amira
48.     Accuracy by Andrew Gerard
49.     Acidus 2 (Advanced Billet Technique) by Al Mann
50.     Acidus Novus by Al Mann
51.     Acidus Plus by Al Mann
52.     Act Two by Barrie Richardson
53.     Advanced Illusion Projects by Tim Clothier
54.     Afectos by Gabi Pareras
55.     Affinity: The 3rd Way by Paul Voodini
56.     Afterparty by Simon Black
57.     Ah-Ha! by David Harkey
58.     Al Baker's Manuscript by Al Mann
59.     Al Schneider Magic by L&L Publishing
60.     Alida (Little Winged One) by Ben Harris
61.     Alphabet in Reverse by Devin Knight
62.     Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi by Richard Kaufman
63.     Andante Murder Mystery by Andreas Dante
64.     Animated Miracles by Yigal Mesika
65.     Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief
66.     Annotated Erdnase by Darwin Ortiz & Mike Caveney
67.     Anthology by Daniel Madison
68.     Any Card At Any Birthday (ACAAB) by Boris Wild
69.     Any Liar at Any Truth-Teller by Mark Elsdon
70.     Anywhere Coins by Pablo Amira
71.     Anywhere Mentalism by Pablo Amira
72.     APFYT by Peter Turner
73.     Applesauce by Patrick G. Redford
74.     Applications by Peter Duffie
75.     Approaching Magic by David Regal
76.     Arca by Al Mann
77.     Art & Magic by S.H. Sharpe
78.     Art of Illusion by Will Ayling
79.     Astrologer's Dream by Jonathan Royle
80.     Asymptotes  by Ben Blau
81.     ATM Divination by Art Vanderlay
82.     Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret by David Williamson
83.     Aztec Lady by Paul Osborne
84.     Bairn by Ken Dyne
85.     Bang by Madison Hagler
86.     Behind the Illusion: Unlocking the 9 Types of Magic  by  Darcy Oake
87.     Between The Lines by Michael Murray
88.     Beyond Imagination by Norman Gilbreath
89.     Beyond Knowledge by Steve Drury
90.     Bigger Fish Vol 1 by Peter Turner
91.     Bigger Fish Vol 2 by Peter Turner
92.     BirthRight by Ran Pink & Paul Carnazzo
93.     Black Ops Hypnosis Revealed by Taylor Starr
94.     Blank Night by John Archer
95.     Blank Reading by Jose Prager
96.     Blindsight by Devin Knight
97.     Blomberg Laboratories by Andi Gladwin
98.     Blue Levitation by Mathieu Bich
99.     Blueprints by Daniel Garcia
100.  Body Morphin by Andrew Mayne
101.  Bold & Illogical Card Moves Book by Justin Higham
102.  Book of Forgotten Secrets by Stephen Minch
103.  Boon For All Seasons Barrie Richardson & Eric Mason
104.  Bound by Daniel Madison
105.  Bound to Please by Simon Aronson
106.  Brain Games by Max Vellucci
107.  Breach by Daniel Madison
108.  Building an Act by Tommy Wonder
109.  Bulletproof by Andy Nyman
110.  Burn by Daniel Madison
111.  By Forces Unseen by Stephen Minch
112.  C10 by Dani DaOrtiz
113.  CAAN Craft by J.K Hartman
114.  Calculated Chaos by Chris Westfall
115.  Calculated Risk Plus by Michael Murray
116.  Canvas by Sean Waters
117.  Capricornian Tales by Christian Chelman
118.  Card Addict by Peter Duffie
119.  Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi
120.  Card College Lighter by Roberto Giobbi
121.  Card College Lightest by Roberto Giobbi
122.  Card College Vol 1 by Robert Giobbi
123.  Card Control by Arthur H. Buckley
124.  Card Delusions by Ryan Mantey
125.  Card Dupery by J.K Hartman
126.  Card Fictions by Pit Hartling
127.  Card File by Jerry Mentzer
128.  Card Magic by Richard Kaufman
129.  Card Magic USA by Peter Duffie
130.  Card Men by Dan & Dave
131.  Card To Wallet by Jerry Mentzer
132.  Card Tricks by Si Stebbins
133.  Card Zones by Jerry Sadowitz & Peter Duffie
134.  Cardini: The Suave Deceiver by John Fisher
135.  Cardistry From Time To Time by Tobias Levin
136.  Cards & Numbers by Matt Mello
137.  Cards By All Means by Peter Duffie
138.  Cards in Principle By Peter Duffie
139.  Cards Insight by Peter Duffie
140.  Cards of Influence by Kenton Knepper & Mark Townsend
141.  Cards On the Table by Jerry Sadowitz
142.  Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz
143.  Carnival of Secrets by Neale Scryer
144.  Cartomagia Semiautomatica Vol 4 by Dani DaOrtiz
145.  Cartomagia Semiautomatica Vol 5 by Dani DaOrtiz
146.  Castles by Simon Caine
147.  Cementerio de Cartas by Dani Daortiz
148.  Ceulia Force by Olivier Boes
149.  Circle Force by Ross Tayler
150.  Classic Fantastic by Paul Vigil
151.  Classic Sampler by Michael Skinner
152.  Classics by Bruce Bernstein
153.  Classified by Raghava Krishna
154.  Close Culls by Harapan Ong
155.  Close Up Illusions by Gary Ouellet
156.  Close-up Connivery Vol 2 by Dan Garrett
157.  Cloud Busting Secrets by Devin Knight & Jerome Finley
158.  Code Break by Joel Dickinson
159.  Cog by Ben Seward
160.  Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman
161.  Coins on Edge by Kainoa Harbottle
162.  Collateral by Daniel Madison
163.  Collected Almanac by Richard Kaufman
164.  Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Vol 1 by Stephen Minch
165.  Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Vol 2 by Stephen Minch
166.  Collection of 933 books
167.  Color Conscious by Luke Jermay
168.  Comedy Confabulation by Cody Fisher
169.  Complete Works of Derek Dingle by Richard Kaufman
170.  Confabulation of Confabulations by Peter Turner
171.  Confessions of a Hypnotist by Jonathan Royle
172.  Confidences by Roberto Giobbi
173.  Conjurers' Mechanical Secrets by S.H. Sharpe
174.  Conjuring Anthology by Jim Steinmeyer
175.  Constant Fooling by David Regal
176.  Contact Mind Reading Expanded by Dariel Fitzkee
177.  Contemplations by Sean Waters
178.  Conversation as Mentalism Vol 1 by Mark Elsdon
179.  Conversation as Mentalism Vol 2 by Mark Elsdon
180.  Conversation as Mentalism Vol 3 by Mark Elsdon
181.  Conversation as Mentalism Vol 4 by Mark Elsdon
182.  Conversation As Mentalism Vol 5 by Mark Elsdon
183.  Convincing Coin Magic by Victor Farelli
184.  Count Me In by Rus Andrews
185.  Counts, Cuts, Moves & Subtleties by Jerry Mentzer
186.  Counthesaurus by Jon Racherbaumer
187.  Crafted with Carey by John Carey
188.  Creative Magic by Adam Wilber
189.  Crossroads by Ben Harris
190.  Cryptext 2.0 by Haim Goldenberg
191.  Cue the Magic by Angelo Carbone
192.  Cut by Daniel Madison
193.  Cyber Sessions by Jason Alford
194.  Cyclone by Kevin Parker
195.  Chair of Choice by Lee Alex
196.  ChairLess by Nique Tan
197.  Chairs of Fury by Joshua Burch
198.  Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man Vol 1 by David Britland
199.  Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man Vol 2 by David Britland
200.  Chat Issue 1-6 & 8 by Ollie Mealing
201.  Chat Issue 7 by Ollie Mealing
202.  Chop Cup by Gabi Pareras
203.  Chromatic Chair Test 2.0 by Pablo Amira
204.  Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis  Ganson
205.  Dai Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis Ganson
206.  Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis Ganson
207.  Dai Vernon's Triumph by Dai Vernon
208.  Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic by Lewis  Ganson
209.  Dare to be Bold by Peter Turner
210.  David Roth's Expert Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman
211.  Deadly Mentalism by Ben Rayot
212.  Dear Mr Fantasy by John Bannon
213.  Deception by Daniel Madison
214.  Deceptive Practicies by Karl Fulves
215.  Decknology by Peter Duffie
216.  Deep Astonishment by Paul Harris
217.  Deep Shadows by Dee Christopher
218.  Delusions by Scott Xavier
219.  Denouement by Rus Andrews
220.  Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz
221.  Destination Zero by John Bannon
222.  Devious Realities by Peter Turner
223.  Diary of a Travelling Man by Lewis Le Val
224.  Diplopia by Paul Vigil
225.  Discoveries & Deceptions by John Guastaferro
226.  Distractions by Luke Jermay
227.  Divine by Colin McLeod
228.  Dominatricks by Tyler Wilson
229.  Double Down by Bryn Reynolds
230.  Double Fatality by Raphael Czaja
231.  Dr Strangehand by Benjamin Earl
232.  Drawing Room Deceptions by Guy Hollingworth
233.  Drawing Thoughts by Chris Rawlins
234.  DreamSigns Psychological Mind Reading by Daniel Love
235.  Dual Fiction by Dustin Dean
236.  Duffie's Card Compulsions by Peter Duffie
237.  Dumbfounded (ACAAN) by Devin Knight
238.  Dumbfounded by Devin Knight
239.  Duplica by Jose Prager
240.  Easy Build Illusions by Paul Osborne
241.  Eclipse by Sudo Nimh
242.  Ecrof by Ross Tayler
243.  Echo - Murder By Design by Docc Hilford
244.  Effortless Card Magic by Peter Duffie
245.  Ei8ht2wo by Daniel Madison
246.  Eidetic by Simon Caine
247.  Eject by Mathieu Bich
248.  Elastic Thread Routines by Ben Harris
249.  Emote by Anthony Black
250.  Emotional Mentalism by Luca Volpe & Titanas Magic
251.  En Route by John Guastaferro
252.  Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic  by Martin Gardner
253.  Encyclopedia of Suspensions & Levitations
254.  Enchantments by Wesley James
255.  Entourage by Gordon Bean
256.  Enveloop by Yotam Meizeles
257.  England Up Close Magic by Peter Duffie
258.  Epiphanies by Colin McLeod
259.  ESP Mind Reading by Jez Rose
260.  Estrellas de la Magia by Dai Vernon
261.  Exclusive Card Miracles by Frank Garcia
262.  Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston
263.  Exit by Peter Eggink
264.  Ex-Nihilo by Alexandre
265.  Expert at the Card Table by S.W.Erdnase
266.  Exploding Light Bulb by Yigal Mesika
267.  Exposure by Daniel Madison
268.  Extreme Svenpad Supreme by John Van Der Linden
269.  Eye Candy by Benjamin Earl
270.  False Anchors Vol 1 by Ryan Schlutz
271.  False Anchors Vol 2 by Ryan Schlutz
272.  False Messiah by Fraser Parker
273.  False Telepathy by Fraser Parker
274.  Fan2c by Paul Wilson
275.  Farelli’s Card Magic by Victor Farelli
276.  Fifth Element by Lee Smith
277.  Final Curtain by Borodin
278.  FISM 2003 by Aaron Fisher
279.  Five by Dan & Dave
280.  Five Points In Magic by Juan Tamariz
281.  Five Roads to Vegas by Michael Breggar
282.  Focus by Phil Goldstein (Max Maven)
283.  Forces, Peeks, Stacks & Gaffs by Scott Creasey
284.  Foreseen by Joel Dickinson
285.  Fracture by Daniel Madison
286.  Frame of Mind by Michael Sibbernsen
287.  Framework by Tom Frame
288.  Fresh Mint by Cameron Francis
289.  Frozen by Nefesch
290.  Full Bloom Vol 1 by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James
291.  Full Bloom Vol 2 by Gaetan Bloom
292.  Full Metal Jacket by JC Wagner & Syd Segal
293.  G Notes by John Guastaferro
294.  Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz
295.  Gary Plants on The Zarrow Shuffle by Stephen Minch
296.  Glass Box Revisited by Devin Knight
297.  Glemme by Patrick G. Redford
298.  Goats Grimoire by Jose Prager
299.  Gran Escuela de Cartomagia Vol 1-4 by Roberto Giobbi (Español)
300.  Great Magicians' Tricks by Will Goldston
301.  Greater Magic by John Northern Hilliard
302.  Gibeciere (Vol 11 No 1 Winter 2016) by Stephen Minch
303.  Gibeciere (Vol 11 No 2 Summer 2016) by Stephen Minch
304.  H.C.E Here Comes Everybody by Paul Vigil
305.  Hand Jobs by Lee Asher
306.  Handcrafted Card Magic Vol 1 by Denis Behr
307.  Handcrafted Card Magic Vol 2 by Denis Behr
308.  Hands Off My Notes by John Guastaferro
309.  Handsome Jack by John Lovick
310.  HandWhich by Dustin Dean
311.  Hatching by Nefesch
312.  Heads I Win Tails You Lose by Jheff
313.  Henry Sugar by Liam Montier
314.  He's Not Here 2.0 by Jamie Daws
315.  Hidden Agenda by Roberto Giobbi
316.  High Caliber by John Bannon
317.  Hindu Magic by Hereward Carrington (1913)
318.  Hoftwister by Alex Elmsley
319.  Hollywood Squares by Chris Randall
320.  Horus by Luca Volpe & Titanas
321.  House of Mystery: The Magic Science of David P. Abbott Vol 1 by Teller & Todd Karr
322.  House of Mystery: The Magic Science of David P. Abbott Vol 2 by Teller & Todd Karr
323.  How Magic Works by David Williamsom
324.  How to Cheat at Cards by Daniel Madison
325.  How to Get Away with Murder by Dee Christopher
326.  How to Make Money by Magic by Paul Daniels & Andrew Lock
327.  How to Supercharge Your Entertainment Business with Facebook by Devin Knight
328.  Human Phone Number by Bob Kohler
329.  Hybrid Mentalism by Alexander Marsh
330.  Hypercard Project by Tom Frame
331.  i by Chris Ramsay
332.  I Create As I Speak 2: Hypnosis by Lewis Le Val
333.  I Create As I Speak by Lewis Le Val
334.  Ice Cold by Morgan Strebler (PDF)
335.  IceBreaker by Francis Girola
336.  Icon by Paul Vigil
337.  Ideas about Pendulums by Pablo Amira
338.  Identity by Daniel Madison
339.  If An Octopus Could Palm by Dan & Dave Buck
340.  Illogical Dribble Force by Justin Higham
341.  Illusionary Appearances by Chris Stolz
342.  Impromptu Book Test by Josh Zandman
343.  Impromptu Card at Any Number by Barrie Richardson
344.  Impromptu Card Magic by Aldo Colombini
345.  Improved Invisible Deck by Devin Knight
346.  Improved Repeat Bill in Lemon Version 2 by Devin Knight
347.  In Order To Amaze by Pit Hartling
348.  Instantaneous Hypnotic Test Revealed by Devin Knight
349.  Instinct by Alex Ward & Myke Phillips
350.  Intimate Mysteries by Chris Philpott
351.  Invisible Readings by Enrique Enriquez
352.  IQPA by Jose Prager
353.  Irreversible by Daniel Madison
354.  Isabella's Star 2 by Peter Turner
355.  Isabella's Star 3 by Peter Turner
356.  Isabella's Star by David Sena & Peter Turner
357.  It is a G-G-G Ghost! by Paul Voodini
358.  It's All in the Head by Stefan Olschewski
359.  It's All In Your Head by Matt Mello
360.  Japan Ingenious by Richard Kaufman & Steve Cohen
361.  Jhana by Watkins
362.  Jheffsmind by Jheff Poncher
363.  John Carney's Carneycopia by Stephen Minch
364.  Kard Klub by Ellusionist
365.  Kings Never Die by Fraser Parker
366.  Kioku by Outlaw Effects
367.  Klear Fate by Unknown Mentalist
368.  Knack Magic Tricks by Richard Kaufman
369.  Kundalini Rising by Jeff McBride
370.  La Baraja Pick Dick por Juan Tamariz
371.  La Magia de Pablo Domènech by Pablo Domènech
372.  La Magia Pensada by Ramon Rioboo
373.  La Realidad es de Plástico by Anthony Jacquin
374.  Las Vegas Kardma by Allan Ackerman
375.  Latter Day Tricks by A. Roterberg
376.  Le Asher by Lee Asher
377.  Leading Reading by Luke Jermay
378.  Lecture Notes by Mathieu Bich
379.  Legacy of Al Koran by Hugh Miller
380.  Legion by Andreu
381.  Lentidigitación Vol 1 by René Lavand
382.  Less is More by Benjamin Earl
383.  Lessons in Card Mastery by Darwin Ortiz
384.  Life Savers by Michael Weber
385.  Life, Death & Other Card Tricks by Robert E. Neale
386.  Limelight by Mark Elsdon
387.  Lost Cheesy Notebooks Vol 1 & 2 by Chad Long
388.  Lost in Thought by Gregory Arce
389.  Lucid by Eric Stevens
390.  M.I.N.T. Vol 1 by Ed Marlo
391.  M.I.N.T. Vol 2 by Ed Marlo
392.  M.O.Ring by Sultan Orazaly
393.  Maelstrom by Tom Stone
394.  Magic Experiments with the Art & Thoughts on the Artistry by Kostya Kimlat
395.  Magic from the Soul by Rene Lavand
396.  Magic Mirror by Robert Neale
397.  Magic of Ascanio Vol 1  "The Structural Conception of Magic" by Arturo de Ascanio
398.  Magic of Ascanio Vol 2 "Studies Of Card Magic" by Arturo de Ascanio
399.  Magic of Ascanio Vol 3 "More Studies of Card Magic" by Arturo de Ascanio
400.  Magic The Complete Course by Joshua Jay
401.  Magic with a British Touch by Iain Moran
402.  Magic With Cards by Frank Garcia
403.  Magical Mathematics by Persi Diaconis & Ron Graham
404.  Magigram Vol 1 to 10
405.  Malini & His Magic by Dai Vernon & Lewis Ganson
406.  Manoeda - A Mental Which Hand by E.E
407.  Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy
408.  Marlo without Tears by Jon Racherbaumer
409.  Marlos Magazine Vol 1 (1976) by Ed Marlo
410.  Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects by Colm Mulcahy
411.  Mayhew What Women Want by John Lovick & Steve Mayhew
412.  Meant To Be by John Born
413.  Melange  by Gregg Webb
414.  Memorandum by Woody Aragon
415.  Memoria 2 by Fraser Parker
416.  Memoria by Fraser Parker
417.  Mendacity by Patrick Redford
418.  Mental Bending by Matt Mello
419.  Mental Bento by Tenyo (2018)
420.  Mental Epic Envelopes by Andrea Rizzolini
421.  Mental Yarn by Bill Goldman
422.  Mentalfy by Pablo Amira
423.  Mentalism In New Directions (M.I.N.D.) by Lee Earle
424.  Mentalism Master Class Vol 13 : Standing on the Shoulders of Giants  by Peter Turner
425.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 1 : Psychological Playing Card Forces by Peter Turner
426.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 10 : Observational Mentalism by Peter Turner
427.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 11 : Hypno Effects by Peter Turner
428.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 2 : Readings by Peter Turner
429.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 3 : Dual Reality by Peter Turner
430.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 4 : Billets by Peter Turner
431.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 5 : Drawing Duplications by Peter Turner
432.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 6 : Numbers by Peter Turner
433.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 7 : Psychological Forces by Peter Turner
434.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 8 : Character Building and Storytelling  by Peter Turner
435.  Mentalism Masterclass Vol 9 : Star Sign Divination by Peter Turner
436.  Mentalism with Cards by Paul Hallas
437.  Mentallica: Heavy Mental Magic by Ben Harris
438.  Mes(s)merize by Stefan Olschewski
439.  Method Memorabilia by Steven Palmer
440.  Micromagia con Gomitas Elasticas by Rene Dexter
441.  Million Dollar Card Secrets by Frank Garcia
442.  Mind & Magic of David Berglas by David Britland
443.  Mind Blasters by Peter Duffie
444.  Mind Blasters USA by Peter Duffie
445.  Mind Blasters Vol 2 by Peter Duffie
446.  Mind Blowing by James Biss
447.  Mind Control by Peter Nardi & Marc Spellman
448.  Mind Fx Magic & Mentalism Gone Mad by Andrew Mayne
449.  Mind Razor by Bob Cassidy
450.  Mind Reading by Kenton Knepper
451.  Mind, Myth & Magick by T.A. Waters
452.  MindCast by Scott Grossberg
453.  Mindfield by Bascom Jones
454.  Mindsight by Andreu
455.  Minimalist Mind Reading by Jerome Finley
456.  Minimalistica by John Carey
457.  MirACAAN by Dorian Caudal
458.  Miraculous Minds by Peter Duffie
459.  Mirror by Matt Mello
460.  Mitox by Phill Smith
461.  Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz
462.  Modern Mentalism by Luke Jermay
463.  Modus Operandi by Jack Carpenter
464.  Moment's Notice 10 by Cameron Francis
465.  Moments Notice 6 by Cameron Francis
466.  Mool by Fraser Parker
467.  More Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston
468.  More Power to You: The Very Best of David Acer
469.  Mostly Mental by Alan Jones
470.  Mother of All Book Test by Ted Karmilovich
471.  Move Across by Joel Dickinson
472.  Multitude by Vincent Hedan
473.  Murder Mystery by Chris Thronebury
474.  My Personal Stack by Dani DaOrtiz
475.  My Way to Mentalism by Tony Binarelli
476.  Mysterious Stranger by David Blaine
477.  Mysteriouser & Mysteriouser by Raj Madhok
478.  Mystery by Association by Kenton Knepper
479.  Nada by Pablo Amira
480.  Name by Jon M
481.  Neale Scryer & Friends by Neale Scryer
482.  NetWorker Deck by Paul Brook
483.  Never Bet The Devil Your Head by Francis Girola
484.  New Magic of Japan by Phil Goldstein & Richard Kaufman
485.  Nitrate by Cameron Francis
486.  NIX4 by Paul Brook
487.  No Briefcase Act by Pablo Amira
488.  Nor As by Lennart Green
489.  Nothing Is Impossible: The Real-Life Adventures of a Street Magician by Dynamo
490.  Novel Effects with a Gumball Machine by Devin Knight
491.  Now You See It, Now You Don't by Bill Tarr
492.  Nu Way Out Of This World by Ulysses Frederick Grant
493.  Numbers, Cards & Time by Carlos Vinuesa
494.  Nursery Rhymes Vol 1 by Dan & Dave
495.  Nursery Rhymes Vol 2 by Dan & Dave
496.  Nursery Rhymes Vol 3 by Dan & Dave
497.  NY Notes by Nikolaj Pedersen
498.  Obsidian Oblique by Alain Bellon
499.  Ode to Ekman by Sean Waters
500.  Oh Ideas by Tobias Levin
501.  Olivia by Myke Phillips
502.  On Mephisto's Shoulder by Paul Brook
503.  On the Cups & Balls by Gazzo
504.  One by Daniel Madison
505.  One Eighty by Eric Richardson
506.  One Night Stand by Kenton Knepper
507.  Open Prediction Project by Thomas Baxter
508.  Operation Gemini by Robert Cosley
509.  Ophiuchus by Mark Chandaue
510.  Origami Ooh La La! Action Origami for Performance & Play by Jeremy Shafer
511.  Origin by Matt Mello
512.  Ouija by Fraser Parker & Ross Taylor
513.  Our Magic by Nevil Maskelyne & David Devant
514.  Our Mysteries by Al Baker
515.  Ouroboros by Mark Elsdon
516.  Outlaw by Daniel Madison
517.  Outsmokin by Ron Jaxon
518.  P.A.T.H.S by Matt Mello
519.  P.O.W.A. - The Book by James Brown
520.  Palm Prophet by Ran Pink
521.  Panorama of Magic by Milbourne Christopher
522.  Paper Folding Giveaways for Magicians by Sid Lorraine & Devin Knight
523.  Paper Folding Stories for Magicians by Devin Knight
524.  Paper Prophecies by David Parr
525.  ParaLies by Joshua Quinn
526.  Paramiracles by Ted Lesley
527.  Pareidolia Thoughts by Pablo Amira
528.  Pariah by Daniel Madison
529.  Peek Encores by Richard Busch
530.  Perception Is Everything by Bruce Bernstein
531.  Pincushion by Devin Knight
532.  Pins & Needles by Matt Mello
533.  Placebo by Daniel Madison
534.  Player by Jose Prager
535.  Ploy by Fraser Parker
536.  Pocketses by Mark Elsdon
537.  Ponderings by Sean Waters
538.  Post Justify by Julian Moore
539.  Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann
540.  Practical Mind Reading by William Atkinson
541.  Praecantrix by Lewis Le Val
542.  Proteus by Phedon Bilek
543.  Protoplasm by Christian Painter
544.  Provoke by Rus Andrews
545.  PS - I Love You! by Steve Shufton
546.  PSI-Kicks by Bruce Bernstein
547.  Psycho Logical by Matt Mello
548.  Psychology for the Mentalist by Andy Luttrell
549.  Psychological One by Rus Andrews
550.  Psychological Subtleties Vol 1 by Banachek
551.  Psychometry From A-Z by Richard Webster
552.  Psychophysiological Thought Reading by Banachek
553.  Pulse by Bill Montana
554.  Pure Effect by Derren Brown
555.  Pygmalion Effects: Reality as an Art by Aaron Alexander
556.  PYO Book Test by Dee Christopher
557.  Phantom by Ben Allen
558.  Phantom by Brandon Queen
559.  Phoenix Peek by Scott Xavier
560.  Quarks & Quirks by Ben Harris
561.  Quick Change Book by Lex Schoppi
562.  Quidnunc by Paul Gordon
563.  Quinta by Phill Smith
564.  R2D2 by Doug Dyment
565.  Rainbow Unicorn By Zee J. Yan
566.  Ratiocination by Ben Cardall
567.  Reach Beyond The Sun  by Art Vanderlay
568.  Ready, Set, Guastaferro by John Guastaferro
569.  Real Telepathy by Patrick Froment
570.  Real Time by Peter Turner
571.  Rectangular Thoughts by Dealersgrip
572.  Reflections by Sean Waters
573.  Released by Liam Montier & Cameron Francis
574.  Rene Lavand - La Belleza del Asombro
575.  Reputation Makers by Harry Lorayne
576.  Revelation by Dai Vernon
577.  Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo
578.  Ringtone by Mitchell Kettlewell
579.  RIP by Daniel Madison
580.  Rock Paper Winner by Mark Elsdon
581.  Roger Klause in Concert by Lance Pierce
582.  Ron Bauer 2008 Lecture Notes Book by Ron Bauer
583.  Rose by Fraser Parker
584.  Roulette by Chris Rawlins
585.  Roy Benson By Starlight by Levent & Todd Karr
586.  Royal Oil by Dan Harlan
587.  Rubix Square by Luke Jermay
588.  RUM by Aaron Ye
589.  Run Silent, Run Deep by Ben Harris
590.  Rush by Dee Christopher
591.  Sawing Illusion Secrets by B. Das
592.  Scams & Fantasies with Cards by Darwin Ortiz
593.  Scenic 52 by Jamie D. Grant
594.  Scotland Up Close by Peter Duffie
595.  Scripting Magic by Pete McCabe
596.  Scryer Gets Crabby by Neal Scryer
597.  Scryer’s Secrets by Richard Webster
598.  Scryer's 13 by Neal Scryer
599.  School for Scoundrels "Notes on Fast & Loose"
600.  Seance Book by Scott Davis
601.  Second Coming by Ross Taylor & Fraser Parker
602.  Secret Agenda by Roberto Giobbi
603.  Secret Impressions by ParaLabs
604.  Secret Self Psychological Profile System by Jheff
605.  Secrets Draun from Underground by Richard Kaufman
606.  Secrets of Brother John Hamman Book by Richard Kaufman
607.  Secrets of Improvisational Magic by Justin Higham
608.  Secrets of My Magic by David Devant
609.  Seeing Signs By Fraser Parker
610.  SEIS: Bizarre Mentalism with Marked Cards  by Alexandre
611.  Self Publishing by Tom Stone
612.  Self Working Card Tricks by Karl Fulves
613.  Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 1 by Steve Beam
614.  Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 1-3 by Dani DaOrtiz
615.  Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 2 by Steve Beam
616.  Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 3 by Steve Beam
617.  Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 4 by Steve Beam
618.  Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 5 by Steve Beam
619.  Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 6 by Steve Beam
620.  Sensational Tales Of Mystery Men by Will Goldston
621.  Separation Anxiety by Bruce Bernstein
622.  Separation Anxiety by Watkins
623.  Septet by Jack Kent Tillar
624.  Session by Joel Givens & Joshua Jay
625.  Set Phasers to Kill by Aaron Fisher
626.  Seven Wonders by John Guastaferro
627.  Shifting by Matt Mello
628.  Short, Punchy & Mental by Andy Nyman
629.  Showmanship for Magicians by Dariel Fitzkee
630.  Silent Running by Ben Harris
631.  Silent Running Vol 3 by Ben Harris
632.  Silk & Flower Magic by A.K Dutt
633.  Silk 2 Egg by Cody Fisher
634.  Simple & Direct Mentalism by Looch
635.  Simple Minded by Gregory Arce
636.  Sinfonía en Mnemonica Mayor Vol 1 by Juan Tamariz
637.  Sinfonía en Mnemonica Mayor Vol 2 by Juan Tamariz
638.  Sleightly Magical by Dan & Dave
639.  Small World by Patrick Redford
640.  Smart Stuff by Bill Abbott
641.  Smoke & Mirrors by John Bannon
642.  Smooth Operations by Kevin Ho
643.  Smug Guess Work by Ben Cardall
644.  Snap Deal by Lennart Green
645.  Solomon's Mind by Eugene Burger
646.  Sonata by Juan Tamariz
647.  Special Effects by Wayne Dobson
648.  Spectacle by Stephen Minch
649.  Springboard by Michael Murray
650.  Stack Attack by L.R Brooks
651.  Standup Card Magic by Roberto Giobbi
652.  Stars of Magic by Louis Tannen
653.  State of Mind by Matt Mello
654.  Steranko on Cards by Jim Steranko
655.  Stunners! Plus! by Larry Becker
656.  Strange Oblique by Mark Elsdon
657.  Strange Travelers by Paul Harris & David Blaine
658.  Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz
659.  Subway by Earl Nelson
660.  Supermagic by Paul Harris
661.  Swami / Mantra by Sam Dalal
662.  Switch - Unfolding The $100 Bill Change  by John Lovick
663.  Sword Basket by Andrew Mayne
664.  Symbolicus by Alexander de Cova
665.  SympathetInk by Mathieu Bich
666.  Sync by Fraser Parker
667.  Syzygy by Lee Earle
668.  T.O.S.T. by Sasha Crespi
669.  T.U.T. by Cris Stanislas & Daniel Madison
670.  Taboo Treatise by Jerome Finley
671.  Tailored Suits by Sean Waters
672.  Tangled Web by Eric Mead
673.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 1 by Harlan Tarbell
674.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 2 by Harlan Tarbell
675.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 3 by Harlan Tarbell
676.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 4 by Harlan Tarbell
677.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 5 by Harlan Tarbell
678.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 6 by Harlan Tarbell
679.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 7 by Harlan Tarbell
680.  Tarbell Course in Magic Vol 8 by Harlan Tarbell
681.  Tarbell Curso De Magia Vol 1
682.  Tarbell Curso De Magia Vol 2
683.  Tarbell Curso De Magia Vol 3
684.  Tarbell Curso De Magia Vol 4
685.  Tarbell Curso De Magia Vol 5
686.  Tarbell Curso De Magia Vol 6
687.  Taste Conditions by Morgan Strebler
688.  Taxi 4 1 by Rus Andrews
689.  Technique & Understanding by Jim Steinmeyer
690.  Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual by Ted Lesley & Eric Mason & David Britland
691.  Telepathy in Action by Orville Meyer
692.  Teleportation by Petro Gurido
693.  Telephonica by Liam Montier
694.  Temporarily Out of Order by Patrick Redford
695.  Tequila Hustler by Mark Elsdon, Peter Turner, Colin McLeod & Michael Murray
696.  Test Conditions Prediction by Pablo Amira
697.  Time Travel Manual by Josh Zandman
698.  Told You So by Aire Allegro
699.  Top Secrets by Terri Rogers
700.  Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner
701.  Tube 2.0 by Jason Messina
702.  Tube by Jason Messina
703.  Twins by Nefesch
704.  Twisted Sisters by John Bannon
705.  Two by Daniel Madison
706.  The 8th Maneuver by Luke Jermay
707.  The Albo Card by Michael Ammar
708.  The Alchemical Tools by Paul Brook
709.  The Ant Queen by Aaron Alexander
710.  The Apparition by Mark Henderson
711.  The Approach by Jamie D. Grant
712.  The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi by Stephen Minch
713.  The Aronson Approach by Simon Aronson
714.  The Art of Switching Decks by Roberto Giobbi
715.  The Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields by Jon Racherbaumer
716.  The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy Vol 2 by Bob Cassidy
717.  The Band by Aldo Colombini
718.  The Berglas Effect by Richard Kaufman & David Berglas
719.  The Blackjack Room by Josh Zandman
720.  The Blood Marking System by Daniel Madison
721.  The Blue, Green & Red Book of Mentalism by Max Maven
722.  The Boof by Liam Montier
723.  The Book by Gene Anderson
724.  The Book of Lies by Paul Brook
725.  The Book of Monkeys by Chris Philpott
726.  The Book of Passwords by Jose Prager
727.  The Card Activist by Peter Duffie
728.  The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel by Harry Lorayne
729.  The Card Cheat Handbook by Daniel Madison
730.  The Card Magic of Edward Marlo by Edward Marlo
731.  The Carey Files Vol 1 by John Carey
732.  The Classic Force by Steven Youell
733.  The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings by Mike Maxwell
734.  The Complete Workers eBook Series by Michael Close
735.  The Conference Illusions by Mike Caveney
736.  The Confession by Phill Smith
737.  The Corporate Mentalist by Scott Creasey
738.  The Crusade - A Mind Reader's ACAAN by Andrew Brown & Atlas Brookings
739.  The Chair Prediction that Kicks all other Chair Predictions in the Seat by Lance Norris
740.  The Dai Vernon Book of Magic by Lewis  Ganson
741.  The Decode Project by Matt Mello
742.  The Device by Andrew Mayne
743.  The Devil's Coloring Book by Matt Mello
744.  The Devils Touch by Daniel Madison
745.  The Digital Pentagram by Peter Warlock
746.  The Doors of Deception by Paul Vigil
747.  The Dr's Billet Tear by Dr. Bill
748.  The Essential Stewart James by Allan Slaight
749.  The Evolution & Revolution of the Magic Box by Paul Osborne
750.  The Eyes of Wisdom by Andreu
751.  The Family by Max Vellucci
752.  The Forte Flourish by Dan & Dave
753.  The Gaff Factory by Craig Matsuoka
754.  The Great Illusions of Magic by Byron G.Wels
755.  The Great Illusions of Magic: Workshop Plans by Byron G.Wels
756.  The Grey Area by Matt Mello
757.  The Imaginary Ball by Matt Mello
758.  The Intrepid Rogue's Manual of Deception by Atlas Brookings
759.  The Invisible Stranger by Docc Hilford
760.  The Jinx by Ted Annemann
761.  The Last Word by Mark Elsdon
762.  The Learned Pig Project by Marko
763.  The Long Summer Notes by Spread Control
764.  The Lotus Flower by Bill Montana
765.  The Magic of So Sato by Richard Kaufman
766.  The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz
767.  The Man Who Knows How to Amuse & Mystify by Jose Prager
768.  The Marlo Miracle by Edward Marlo
769.  The Memory Arts by David Trustman
770.  The Mockingbird by Max Maven
771.  The Original Tarbell Lessons in Magic by Harlan Tarbell
772.  The Osterlind Breakthrough Card System by Richard Osterlind
773.  The Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher
774.  The Portugal Notes by Peter Turner
775.  The Prodigal by Atlas Brookings
776.  The Professional's Choice III Supplement by Jerome Finley
777.  The Purloined Thought by Al Mann
778.  The Phantom of the Card Table by Eddie McGuire
779.  The Real Thing by Atlas Brookings
780.  The Reparation by John Lovick
781.  The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue
782.  The Safwan Papers by Bryn Reynolds
783.  The Scanner by Jose Prager
784.  The Scott Tribute by Daniel Madison
785.  The Show Doctor by Jeff McBride
786.  The Solution by Atlas Brookings & Raven Gairloch
787.  The Tarot Readers Notebook by Ron Martin
788.  The Ultimate Chair Test Routine by Luca Volpe & Titanas
789.  The White Room by Ran Pink
790.  The White Rose by Luca Volpe
791.  The Zodiac Killer by Aaron Alexander
792.  Theatre of the Mind by Barrie Richardson
793.  Think by Adam Kordecki
794.  Think of Anything in the World by Gerard Zitta
795.  Things with Cards by Nathan Kranzo
796.  Thought Control by Matt Mello
797.  Thoughts of a Madman by Daniel Madison & Randall Freeman
798.  Thoughts So Far by Kennedy
799.  Thread of Life by Matt Mello
800.  Three (III) by Daniel Madison
801.  Threedom by Tobias Levin
802.  Thunderbird by Lee Asher
803.  Train Tracking by Atlas Brookings
804.  Triangle by Patrick G. Redford
805.  Triplex by David Forrest
806.  True Mysteries 2 by Fraser Parker
807.  Try the Impossible by Simon Aronson
808.  Ultra Cervon by Bruce Cervon
809.  Underground Bottom Tear by Dustin Dean
810.  Unfaked Book Test by Val Andrews
811.  Untangle by Seamus Maguire
812.  Untitled Mentalism by Scott Xavier
813.  Utsukushii by Fraser Parker
814.  V by Manos Kartsakis
815.  V2 by Manos Kartsakis
816.  Vanity by Dee Christopher
817.  Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz
818.  Vibrations by Luke Jermay
819.  Voodoo by Liam Montier
820.  Vortex by Tom Stone
821.  Voyages by Luke Jermay
822.  Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection by Wayne Dobson
823.  What Lies Inside by Florian Severin
824.  What's the Rumpus? by John Lovick
825.  When in Rome by Peter Turner
826.  Whisper by Ken Dyne
827.  Willane's Wizardry by Willane
828.  Williamson's Wonders by Richard Kaufman
829.  Wonder Book 1 by Tommy Wonder
830.  Wonder Book 2 by Tommy Wonder
831.  Wonders by Sean Waters
832.  Words by Luke Jermay
833.  Worlds Beyond by Paul Curry
834.  Wrapped by Ron Jaxon
835.  Wrath by Daniel Madison
836.  X-Ray by Ben Harris & Steve Shufton
837.  Yes/No Trick
838.  Yokai by Phill Smith
839.  You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised by Scott Guinn
840.  Your Mind is My Playground by Vincent Hedan

841.  Zero Elements by Juan Esteban Varela


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