Erdnase x Madison by Daniel Madison (5 DVD )
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Erdnase x Madison by Daniel Madison

Title: Erdnase x Madison 
Creator: Daniel Madison 
Publisher: Ellusionist
MSRP: $ 99
Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
DVD Run time: over 8 hours

What is taught on the Video Series?

Shuffles & False Shuffles at the table - 1 hour and 33 minutes

“How I took the lessons from Erdnase and used them for my own good”

“This project isn’t me teaching Erdnase, it’s teaching what I took from Erdnase and how I made it my own thing.”

“There is no technique greater than the ability to control every single card in the deck.”

False shuffle theory

Table Riffle Shuffle

Push Through Shuffle

Scratch Cut

Blackjack Strip

Ladder Shuffle

Perfect Riffle Shuffle

No Soap Theory

Broken Running Cut

Coat Shuffle (also taught on Mechanic)

Jacket Shuffle

Ghost Shuffle

Broken Bridge Shuffle

Slug Controls

Shuffles & False Shuffles in the hands- 1 hour and 48 minutes 

False Overhand Shuffle (also taught on Mechanic)

False ITH Riffle Shuffle

Vice Shuffle (also taught on Mechanic)

Cuts, False Cuts and Nullifying the Cut

Table Slip Cut 1

The Frank Hop (also taught on Mechanic)

The Table Blackout Shift (also taught on Moves)

The Madison Shift

Bypass Cut

Ghost Cut

Amnesia Cut

Over cut

Cuts, False Cuts and Nullifying the Cut ITH

The Classic Pass

The Broken Pass

SWE Shift

The Turnover Pass

Palming and Holding Out - 43 minutes

The Classic Palm

The Gambler’s Cop

The Hotel Cop

The Top Cop

The Slip Cop

The Squeeze Shift

The Ten Steal

False Dealing - 2 hours and 34 minutes

The Madison Grip for Dealing

The Bottom Deal (also taught on Mechanic)

Greek Deal (also taught on Mechanic)

The Second Deal (also taught on Mechanic)

Miscellaneous - 44 minutes (Legerdemain and extra)

Single Handed Shift

Maxican Shift and Brag

Erdnase Color Change

Stacking Ideas

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