Steve Forte – Gambling Sleight of Hand – Forte Years of Research (all 2 Volumes)
Gambling Sleight of Hand – Forte Years of Research is a one-of-a kind research tome for all sleight-of-hand enthusiasts with an interest in gambling moves; The Expert at the Card Table (S. W. Erdnase, 1902); and gambling demonstrations, exposés, and stunts.
Gambling Sleight of Hand – Forte Years of Research” is a two-volume set consisting of over 1,100 pages and 1,300 black/white photographs.
The set details over 1,000 combined gambling moves, stunts, technical considerations, principles, and key observations.
The research was specifically culled and written for the ‘hobbyist,’ e.g., magicians, cardmen, and cardwomen.
–  Volume 1 – 515 pages; Volume 2 – 592 pages
–  11.5 x 8.5″
–  #80 Arrestox B Stock
–   Smyth Sewn, Black Cloth Boards w/ Silver Stamping
–  Signed and inscribed books are available by request during checkout.


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