Michael Murray & Ian Cheetham - Remote Perception System (pdf)
After a hugely successful launch at the 2019 Blackpool Magic Convention (including a number of requests to perform this on TV), we are very proud to announce the official release of the ‘Remote Perception System’ book.
This updated and expanded project has been beautifully printed in hardbound form by the experts at Haresign Press. Better still, this book comes complete with some custom designed poker chips that are perfect for the bonus routine which is fully explained within the book.
Remote Perception System Overview:
Within this book will discover multiple methodologies which will afford you the ability to reveal the exact winner(s) of a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, but will also allow you to detail the specific weapons (rock/paper/scissors) that each person threw.
Best of all, these ideas are versatile enough to be performed live in person, over Skype, and even over the phone and it works in any language too!
Why Did We Write This Book?:
With so many RPS based effects on the market already, you may be wondering what is so special about this collection of routines and ideas. To help answer this question, please consider the following -
Works in Any Language
So long as your spectators are familiar with the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors, you are good to go.
Easy to Perform
No complex systems to follow or memory work required. A basic understanding of the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors, is all that is required.
Choose Your Arena
The routines in this book are versatile enough to be performed close-up, on stage and even over the phone. Don’t have a table? No problem, these effects are perfect for walk around situations, too.
Prop-less or Not, You Decide
For those who are looking for the perfect way to hand over their business cards, we have you covered, and for those who prefer an entirely prop-less approach, we have you covered, too.
The More The Merrier
Whereas the vast majority of RPS based effects only require the use of one participant, the effects within this book allow you to perform for one, two, or even three spectators, at the same time.
Know it All, Reveal it All
Rather than limit yourself to revealing the winner of a single game, you are able to reveal each successive winner in a three-person tournament. Best of all, you will also be able to reveal the exact symbol that each player threw.
One at a Time or All Together
One routine in this book details a method for simultaneously beating two spectators.
A Journey of Discovery
Discover new takes on classic techniques, along with brand new methods and principles that are being revealed for the very first time.
The Real Game
The closest you will get to being able to reveal the specific throws made in an otherwise genuine game of RPS.
Presentation is Everything
The routines within this book lend themselves to countless presentational possibilities. To help whet your appetite, let us consider some of the approaches that can be adopted.
  • A Prediction Effect
Predict the exact results of a single or multi-player game of RPS.
  • Body Language Reading
Read your spectator’s body language to unlock their thoughts.
  • Mind Control/Influence
Control the exact outcome of a single or multiplayer game of RPS
  • Remote Viewing
Demonstrate your ability to see the results of a RPS game that is taking place in another room, place or country.
  • Spectator as Mind-Reader
Allow the spectator to intuit the winner/loser of an RPS game, before it is even played.
  • Direct Mind-reading

Reveal the specific thoughts of your spectator in relation to a game of RPS.


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