Card Magic & Sleight

1.       1 Second by David Luu
2.       1% (One Percent) by Yu Hojin
3.       10:24 by Omar Renfro
4.       10x10 by Paul Wilson
5.       14 Mi Numero de la Suerte by Tony Montana
6.       18 + (18 Plus) by Bond Lee & Magiclism
7.       21   by Shin Lim, Jose Morales & Donald Carlson
8.       24Seven Project Vol 1 by John Carey
9.       24Seven Project Vol 2 by John Carey
10.     26! by Caleb Wiles
11.     3 Ninjas by Chris Brown
12.     3 Three by John Carey
13.     3D Advertising by Henry Evans
14.     4 On The Floor by Justin Miller
15.     4ree Choice by Michael Yu
16.     4th Dimension by Julio Ribera & Sergio Roca
17.     52 Pieces of Paper by Idan Kaufman
18.     52 Shades of Red V2 by Shin Lim
19.     52 Shades of Red Version 3 by Shin Lim
20.     52 to 1 Deck by Wayne Fox & David Penn
21.     5221 by Wayne Fox
22.     6 Shooter Reload by Shoot Ogawa
23.     80-20   Control by Peter Mckinnon

24.     A Forced Thought by Steven Himmel
25.     A Little R&   B by Dan Harlan
26.     A Lot of Trouble by Joshua Jay
27.     A Material by Allan Ackerman
28.     A Series of Unfortunate of Events by Chris Mayhew
29.     A Study on Lennart Green by Takumi Takahashi
30.     A.A.ESC.SF by Juan Tamariz
31.     A.T.A.A.N by Honey
32.     AACAAN by Asi Wind
33.     Ablest Change by Abhinav Bothra
34.     Above Ground by Jared Hansen
35.     Abyss Change by Justin Miller
36.     ACAAN Again by David Forrest
37.     ACAAN by Dani DaOrtiz
38.     ACAAN Meeting by Tango Magic
39.     ACAAN the Bar Magico Sessions by Tango Magic
40.     Accesion by Alex Loschilov
41.     Ace by Richard Sanders
42.     Ace Cut by Joel Paschall
43.     Ace Triumph by Denis Vasiliev
44.     Acembly by John Stathakis
45.     Aces from the Fore by Liam Montier
46.     Aces In Their Faces By Bob Kohler
47.     Advocate by Daniel Madison
48.     Aenigmate by Manu Montes
49.     Aesthetic by James Miller
50.     Affected by Berglas by Mark Paul
51.     Aftershock by Justin Miller
52.     Again by Quang CD
53.     Against All Odds by Rachel Colombini
54.     Against the Grain by Leandro Ferraro
55.     Agape by Ekaterina Dobrokhotova
56.     Agatha by Irving Quant
57.     Agua y Aceite Impromptu by Gabi Pareras
58.     Air Aces by Fenik
59.     Airborne by Zachary Tolstoy
60.     Airline Concept by JP Vallarino
61.     Airtight by Jay Sankey presented by Matt Johnson
62.     Al Deckubierto by Ernesto Melero
63.     Alcardmy by Mike Liu & Vortex Magic
64.     Alcatraz Box by Mickael Chatelain
65.     Aldo On Trost Vol 1 by Aldo Colombini
66.     Aldo On Trost Vol 2 by Aldo Colombini
67.     Aldo On Trost Vol 3 by Aldo Colombini
68.     Alien Concepts Vol 1 & 2 by Anthony Asimov
69.     Alive by Just Kim
70.     All In by Jack Carpenter
71.     Alliance by Danny Weiser
72.     Alpha Deck by Richard Sanders
73.     Alpha to Omega by Stephen Tucker
74.     Alter by Kelvin Chow
75.     Amazink by Sebastien Calbry
76.     Ambitio by David Forrest
77.     Ambitious Card by Daryl
78.     Ambitious Switch by Kelvin Chow
79.     An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips by Luke Jermay
80.     An Impulsive Premonition by Jack Carpenter
81.     An Underground Legend by Bebel
82.     An Unexpected Triumph by Magician Anonymous
83.     And Then Some by Dan & Dave
84.     Android by Arnel Renegado
85.     Annihilation Deck by Cameron Francis
86.     Another Invisible Mark by Hayafumi
87.     Answer by Benjamin Earl
88.     Anti Control by Chris Mayhew
89.     Anti-Faro by Christian Engblom
90.     Anti-Mnemonica by Miquel Roman
91.     Any Card at Any Page Number by Joshua Jay
92.     Any Cards at any Numbers by Jared Kopf
93.     Any Shuffled Deck - Self-Working Impromptu Miracles by Big Blind Media
94.     Any Signed Card to Any Spectator's Wallet by Jeff Kaylor & Michael Ammar
95.     Angle Z by Daniel Madison
96.     AP Spread Control by Alex Pandrea
97.     Aparicion/Destruccion by Miquel Roman
98.     Apertura en Ases by Juan Villarejo
99.     Apocalypse Vol 1-5 by Harry Lorayne
100.  Appearing Card in Bottle by Magic Makers
101.  Apple Control by Vivek Singhi
102.  Aquarium by Gustavo Sereno
103.  Arbitrium by David Jonathan
104.  Ariose by Yohei Kawabata
105.  Army of 52 by Justin Miller
106.  Arrow by David Luu
107.  Arthur by Chris Wiehl
108.  Ascanio Inspiration by JP Vallarino & Carlos Vaquera
109.  Ases y Reyes by Ricardo Sanchez
110.  Asher Twist by Lee Asher
111.  Assembly by Nguyen Ngoc Tu
112.  Asunder by Justin Miller
113.  Asunder by Justin Miller
114.  At the Card Table Vol 1-3 by Darwin Ortiz
115.  Atomik Revelation by Oliver Marcia
116.  Attraction by Laurent Mikelfield
117.  Aura by Andy Gladwin
118.  Autograph 2.0 by Justin Miller
119.  Automata 2 by Gary Jones & Dave Forrest
120.  Automatic by Alex Hansford
121.  Aw Snap! by JP Hilario
122.  Award Winning Card Manipulation by Tony Clark
123.  Awesome Self Working Card Tricks by Big Blind Media
124.  AX3 by Daniel Madison
125.  Axis Change by Parth Dalal

126.  B & T Bundle by Byron Leung & Takumi Takahashi
127.  B.C. Shuffle by Jeremy Griffith
128.  Basic Card Palming by Brian Brushwood
129.  Basic Card Technique by Richard Kaufman
130.  Beautiful Moves by Michael Boden
131.  Being Sharp by Perseus Arkomanis
132.  Believe by Aaron DeLong
133.  Best Ace Assembly by Fernando Pena
134.  Betwixt by Helder Guimarães
135.  Beyond Perfect ESP by John George
136.  Bicycle Thief by Aaron Fisher
137.  Biddle Trick by Jonathan Bayme
138.  Big Deal by Joshua Jay
139.  Binary Code 2.0 by Rick Lax
140.  Binary Code by Rick Lax
141.  Birthday Card by Wayne Dobson
142.  Biz x Zach Take Europe
143.  Bizness by Bizau & Vanishing Inc
144.  Bizzaro Flip by Bizzaro
145.  Black Diamond by Quang CD
146.  Black Envelope by Bob Kohler
147.  Blank by Kenton Knepper
148.  Blank Minded by Aaron DeLong
149.  Blank Triumph by Michael O'Brien
150.  Bleach by Finix Chan & Skymember
151.  Bleed by Perseus Arkomanis
152.  Blind by Abdullah Mahmoud
153.  Blind by Daniel Madison
154.  Blind Square by Bizau Cristian
155.  Blindsided by Oz Pearlman
156.  Blindspot by Jack Carpenter
157.  Blink Duplication by Katsuya Masuda
158.  Blinking Effect by Jean Luc Bertrand
159.  Blizzard by Dean Dill
160.  Block Buster by Tony D'Amico & Mark Mason
161.  Blockbusters with Cards by Paul Gordon
162.  Blossoming Friendship by Daniel Chard
163.  Blow by Vivek Singhi
164.  Blow Change by Nguyen Quang
165.  Blueprint by Chris Kenner
166.  Bluff Pass by Wayne Houchin
167.  Bluff Shift Bundle by Joshua Jay
168.  Bluff Vol 1   by Queen of Heart Productions
169.  Bluff Vol 2 by Queen of Heart Productions
170.  Bluff Vol 3 by Queen of Heart Productions
171.  Blur by Arnel Renegado
172.  Blur Transpo by Justin Miller
173.  Bold Assembly by Ben Train
174.  Bombastic by Zach Mueller
175.  Bone Collectors by Ashford Kneitel
176.  Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman
177.  Bottom Stock Control by Johannes Maussner
178.  Bounce by Daniel Madison
179.  Bound Control by Alex Loschilov
180.  Box Attack by Arie Bhojez
181.  Box Collectors by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
182.  Box Change by David Koehler
183.  Box Monster by Nathan Kranzo
184.  Box Stuff by Kostya Kimlat
185.  Boxed Reset by Michael O'Brien
186.  Branded by Tim Trono
187.  Break by Kevin Schaller
188.  Breakout by Brandon David & Chris Turchi
189.  Breakout by Peter Eggink
190.  Brick Pass by Alex Pandrea
191.  Bring Me the Head of the Packet by Mark Elsdon
192.  Broken Window by Darryl Davis & Daryl Williams
193.  Bruce Control by Justin Miller
194.  Brunolidades by Bruno Tarnecci
195.  BS Control by Lee Asher
196.  Bullet Party by John Bannon
197.  Bullets After Dark by John Bannon
198.  Bullseye by Brent Braun
199.  Burgerdog by Chris Mayhew
200.  But Not Here by Mark Elsdon
201.  Butterfly Playing Cards by Ondrej Psenicka
202.  B'Voque by Mark Elsdon
203.  Bypass by Skymember

204.  C3 by Nojima
205.  C4 by Jonathan Levit
206.  CAANDY by Chris Mayhew
207.  Cambio de Color Clasico by Miquel Roman
208.  Cambio Super Visual by David Stone
209.  CamCon Transpo by Paul Wilson
210.  Cannibal by Kevin Reylek
211.  Cannibal Cards by Michael Hankins
212.  Cannibal Kings by Brian Brushwood
213.  Caos en Orden by Dani DaOrtiz
214.  Capacity by Maxim Meleshko
215.  Carbone by Patrick Kun
216.  Card & Number by Creative Artists
217.  Card Artistry by Justin Flom
218.  Card at Any Number by Justin Miller
219.  Card Capers by Aldo Colombini
220.  Card Construction by Ollie Mealing
221.  Card Cube by Perseus Arkomanis
222.  Card Fantasy by Jean Pierre Vallarino
223.  Card Flight by Ron Jaxon
224.  Card from Wall by Chad Long
225.  Card Happening by Toyosane Sanada
226.  Card in Bottle by Laura London
227.  Card Mystery Vol 1 by Live Magic
228.  Card Mystery Vol 10 by Live Magic
229.  Card Mystery Vol 2 by Live Magic
230.  Card Mystery Vol 3 by Live Magic
231.  Card Mystery Vol 4 by Live Magic
232.  Card Mystery Vol 5 by Live Magic
233.  Card Mystery Vol 6 by Live Magic
234.  Card Mystery Vol 7 by Live Magic
235.  Card Mystery Vol 8 by Live Magic
236.  Card Mystery Vol 9 by Live Magic
237.  Card Ninja by Javier Jarquin
238.  Card on Ribbon by Mickael Chatelain
239.  Card Sharp by Brian Tudor
240.  Card Star by Doug Edwards
241.  Card Stunts by Rich Ferguson
242.  Card Stunts Vol 1 & 2 by Ben Salinas
243.  Card to Mouth by Dan White
244.  Card to Pocket by Daniel Madison
245.  Card Two Box by TheMystefyer1 & Magick Balay
246.  Card Through Deck by Elian Agaian
247.  Card Visit by Nguyen Long
248.  Card Weapons by Ben Salinas
249.  Cardini Multiple Shift by Steven Youell
250.  Cardio by Liam Montier
251.  Cardistry 101 by Andrei Jikh
252.  Card-Toon #2   by Dan Harlan
253.  Carey On by John Carey
254.  Carousel by Irving Quant
255.  Carpe Noctem by Chris Ramsey
256.  Carpenters Ghost Production by Chris Brown
257.  Carpenter's Sleights by Jack Carpenter
258.  Carta Vuelta by Juan Manuel Marcos
259.  Carta y Copa by Luis Olmedo
260.  Cartas Lanzadas by Dani DaOrtiz
261.  Carte Folle Impromptue (Wild Card) by Dominique Duvivier
262.  Cartificios by Luis Otero
263.  Cartoilusionismo by Manu Montes
264.  Cartomagia Entre Copas by Henry Jr
265.  Cartoon Capers by Gary Jones
266.  Cascade Control by Charlie Miller
267.  Cased by Peter Eggink
268.  Casino Royale with Cheese by Chris Mayhew
269.  Cataclysm by Brian Caswell
270.  Catch 23 by Asi Wind
271.  Cave Control by Justin Miller
272.  Center of Gravity by Dario Capuozzo
273.  Center Point by Patrick Kun
274.  Cerebral Steal by James Brown
275.  CGI by James Keatley
276.  Cielo Change by Miquel Roman
277.  Cinco Rutinas Cartomagicas by Gabi Pareras
278.  Circus Card Trick by Jared Kopf
279.  Classic Carey by John Carey
280.  Clever Card Magic by Paul Hallas
281.  Clign by Anthony Stan
282.  Clipped by Howard Hamburg
283.  Clones by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
284.  Close Up Artistry Vol 1 by Rene Lavand
285.  Close Up Artistry Vol 5 by Rene Lavand
286.  Close Up Card Magic by Mathieu Bich
287.  Close Up Idea Vol 1 & 2 by Yoo Hyun Min
288.  Close-Up Killers by Bob Cassidy
289.  Cloth by Steve Valentine (Disc 1)
290.  Cloth by Steve Valentine (Disc 2)
291.  Cloth by Steve Valentine (Disc 3)
292.  CLR by Dan Hauss
293.  Club Sandwich by Andrew Normansell
294.  Clutch by Oz Pearlman
295.  C-Morph Cash to Card by Marko Mareli
296.  Coal Control by Kevin Schaller
297.  Code Red by Cody Nottingham
298.  Coin 2 Box by Sean Mills
299.  Cold Case by Greg Wilson
300.  Collusion by Peter Duffie & Zenneth Kok
301.  Color Blind by Matthew Johnson
302.  Color Drop by Bizzaro
303.  Color Fusion by Eric James
304.  Color Fusion by Nash Fung
305.  Colossal Blizzard 2.0 by Anthony Miller & Magick Balay
306.  Coma by Yoann
307.  Commodore 64 by Chris Mayhew
308.  Complete Card Magic Vol 1 with Gerry Griffin
309.  Completing the Cut by Ryan Schlutz
310.  Complexion by Kyle Purnell
311.  Con Cam Coincidencia by Paul Wilson
312.  Concerto by Dani Daortiz
313.  Confessions by Alberto de Figueiredo
314.  Confetti Card by The Other Brothers
315.  Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye Vol 1
316.  Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye Vol 2
317.  Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye Vol 3
318.  Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye Vol 4
319.  Confinement by Phil DaCosta
320.  Connected by Peter Harrison
321.  Conscious Magic Episode 1 by Andrew Gerard & Ran Pink
322.  Consignment by James Howells
323.  Conspiracy by Eric Ross
324.  Contact by Rick Lax
325.  Contrast by Victor Sanz
326.  Control by Ollie Mealing
327.  Control Collection by Akira Fujii
328.  Control of Colors by Dani DaOrtiz
329.  Controles by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
330.  Converter by Kreis Magic
331.  Corner & Exposure by Cameron Francis
332.  Co-Sign by Mark Calabrese
333.  Cosmos by Greg Rostami
334.  Cosmos Duo by Greg Rostami
335.  Coulisse by Alex
336.  Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin
337.  Coup d'Etat by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
338.  Crash Course Vol 1 by Ellusionist
339.  Crash Course Vol 2 the Ambitious Card by Ellusionist
340.  Crazy Poker by Marco
341.  Creaciones Vol 1 & 2 by Manolo Talman
342.  Creased by Arnel Renegado
343.  Creation by Lu Chen
344.  Cross by Agus Tjiu
345.  Crowd Pleasers by Rafael Benatar
346.  Crunk by Daniel Madison
347.  Crush by Daniel Madison
348.  Cullology by Harapan Ong
349.  Cut Cards by Jon Armstrong
350.  Cutting Edge by Dynamo
351.  Cyclops Reborn by Arnel Renegado
352.  Challenge   Vol 1 & 2   by Jaehoon Lim
353.  Chameleon Pieces by Woody Aragon
354.  Champagne by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
355.  Chang3 by ThemMystefyer1
356.  Change by Lloyd Barnes
357.  ChangE by Tony Chang
358.  Change of Heart by Shin Lim
359.  Changement by Andrew Salas
360.  Changes by Cody Nottingham
361.  Chaos & Order by Dani DaOrtiz
362.  Chaos by Mathieu Bich
363.  Chaos Theory by Daniel Madison
364.  Chaos Vol 1 & 2 by Dani DaOrtiz
365.  Chaotic Fourplay by Daniel Chard
366.  Chapter One by Asi Wind
367.  Chardistry by Daniel Chard
368.  Chardshark by Daniel Chard
369.  Chi Card by Rick Lax
370.  Chi Card by Rick Lax
371.  Chicago Closer by Michael O'Brien
372.  Chicago Tapes by Eugene Burger
373.  Chinese Secret by Wiz Spencer
374.  Chocolate Card by Riken
375.  Chroma by Lloyd Barnes
376.  Chrysalis by Justin Miller
377.  Chrysalis by Justin Miller

378.  Dai Vernon Inspiration by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
379.  Daisho Switch by Miquel Roman
380.  Damage by Dave Forrest
381.  Damaso Pack 1 by Damaso Fernandez
382.  Damaso Pack 2 by Damaso Fernandez
383.  Damaso Pack 3 by Damaso Fernandez
384.  Daniel Madison Tribute by Cristian Pestritu
385.  Dangerous : Mystique by Daniel Madison
386.  DaOrtiz & Water by Dani DaOrtiz
387.  Daredevil Deck by Henry Evans
388.  Dark Connection by Thomas Riboulet
389.  Darkness Control by Justin Miller
390.  Darkslide by Chris Ramsay
391.  Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights Vol 1-8 by Daryl
392.  David's Cull by David Gonzalez
393.  DC Suit Production by Daniel Chard
394.  De Dolores by Jesús Duque
395.  Dealt by Richard Turner
396.  Death to the Double Undercut by   Joel Paschall
397.  Decade by Mark Mason
398.  Deceit by Sid T
399.  Deceit Treat by Cameron Francis
400.  Decisiones by Nicolas Pierri
401.  Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours Vol 1 by Matthew J. Dowden
402.  Decked Out by John Bannon
403.  Decks & Deceptions by Brent Braun
404.  Decon 2.0 by Ryan Schlutz
405.  Decoy by Eoin O'Hare
406.  Deflect by Skulkor
407.  Delta by Justin Miller
408.  Delusion by Secret of Magic
409.  Demo by Alex Hansford
410.  Demon Deck by Arnel Renegado
411.  Descent by Justin Miller
412.  Destination by Rus Andrews
413.  Destiny by Axel Hecklau
414.  Devil's Deck by Sandro Loporcaro
415.  Diagonal Palm Pass by Alex Pandrea
416.  Diagonal Palm Shift by Alex Pandrea
417.  Diagonal Slow Change by Andrew Csirmaz
418.  DiaMonte by Diamond Jim Tyler
419.  Diception by Chris Congreave
420.  Diffuse by Ivan Ang
421.  Diffuse by Lloyd Barnes
422.  Dissolve by Francis Menotti
423.  Distorted Visions by Jack Curtis & The 1914
424.  Distortion by Wayne Houchin
425.  Divided by Jesse Feinberg
426.  Divining Fork by Scott Alexander
427.  DMB Spread Control 2.0 by Franco Pascali
428.  DMB Spread Control by Dan & Dave
429.  Dnavmo by Matt Pilcher
430.  Do As You Want by Michael Obrien
431.  Do As You Want by Michael O'Brien
432.  Doble Prediccion by Luis Otero
433.  Doc Eason Card Under Glass by Kozmomagic
434.  Doppelganger by Justin Miller
435.  DOS System by Chris Ballinger
436.  Dots by Oliver Smith
437.  Double Exposure by Asi Wind
438.  Double Lift Workshop by Paul Wilson
439.  Double Take by Gregory Wilson
440.  Double Think by Sav
441.  DownLoad by Nicholas Lawrence & Sensor Magic
442.  Dr. Fun by Paul Harris
443.  DragonFly by Peter McKinnon
444.  Drawing A Blank by Michael O'Brien
445.  Droid by Alan Rorrison
446.  Drop by Lyndon Jugalbot
447.  Dropped by Madison Hagler
448.  Dropsy Diddle by Jason Dean
449.  DST by David Regal & Luke Dancy
450.  Dupes by Gary Jones & Chris Congreave
451.  Duplicity by John Bannon
452.  DVR by Tony Chang
453.  DVS by Mark Calabrese

454.  Earbuds by Adam Wilber
455.  Easy Aces by Paul Wilson
456.  Easy to Master Card Miracles   by Michael Ammar
457.  E-Case by Mark Mason & JB Magic
458.  Eclipse by Dave Loosley
459.  Eclipse by Eric Jones
460.  Edge by Kevin Parker
461.  Edge by Mathieu Bich
462.  Effective by Do Ki Moon
463.  Effortless Effects by Ryan Schlutz
464.  Ei8ht by Mark Wong
465.  El Comodin by Eduardo Coffman
466.  El Destino by Luis Arza
467.  El Límite de la Imaginación   by Julio Ribera
468.  El Placer de la Magia by Miguel Gómez
469.  El Puente Invisible by Kiko Pastur
470.  El Punto by Asi Wind
471.  Election by Eric Ross
472.  Elegant Deceptions by Michael Vincent
473.  Elegy Shift by Alex Ward
474.  Eliminator V2.0 by Adrian Sullivans
475.  Elision Change by Hugo Magic
476.  Elyousikkkk (L.U.C.K.) by Mark Calabrese
477.  Emagine by Sebastien Calbry
478.  Emerge Triumphant By Oz Pearlman
479.  Emmaboda Magic Movie by Bizau Cristian
480.  Emperor by Mo & Ryu Ka
481.  Empire by Cody Nottingham
482.  En Todas Partes y en Ninguna by Miquel Roman
483.  Enamors by Aarsh Shah
484.  Encore by Kevin Schaller
485.  Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights Vol 2 by Michael Rubinstein
486.  Enfin Le by Bebel
487.  Enligthened Card Magic by Luis Otero
488.  Entrapment by Eric Jones
489.  Entrapment Gold II by Alakazam Magic
490.  Engaged by Arnel Renegado
491.  EP by Eric Goldfarb
492.  Epic Deck by Scott Alexander
493.  Episode lV - Dr. Manhattan Change & Book Change
494.  Eraser by Rick Lax
495.  Erdnase x Madison
496.  Error 404 by Les French Twins
497.  Escape by Mickael Chatelain
498.  ESP Card Magic Vol 1 by Aldo Colombini
499.  ESP Card Magic Vol 2 by Aldo Colombini
500.  ESP Card Magic Vol 4 by Aldo Colombini
501.  ESP Card Magic Vol 5 by Aldo Colombini
502.  ESP Card Magic Vol 6 by Aldo Colombini
503.  ESP Card Magic Vol 7 by Aldo Colombini
504.  Espejo Mágico by Boris Wild
505.  Esprit 2.0 by Jean Pierre Vallarino
506.  Eternal Vol.1 by Yusuke Asada
507.  Ethereal Deck by Vernet
508.  Euphoria by Adrian Guerra
509.  Eureka the Ultimate ACAAN by Roberto Mansilla
510.  Evolution by Shiro Ishida
511.  Evolution Control by Sandro Loporcaro
512.  Evolution of Onerous by Chris Severson
513.  Evolve 2.0 by Nicholas Lawrence
514.  Evolve by Nicholas Lawrence
515.  Exodus by Arnel Renegado
516.  Extended Play by Valdemar Gestur
517.  Extractor V2 E2 by Rob Bromley & Peter Nardi
518.  Extreme Card Magic Vol 1 by Joe Rindfleisch
519.  Extreme Card Magic Vol 2 by Joe Rindfleisch
520.  Extreme Close-Up by David Acer
521.  Extreme Korn by Chris Korn
522.  Extreme Mercury Fold by Gogo Requiem
523.  Extreme Possibilities Vol 1 by R. Paul Wilson
524.  Extreme Possibilities Vol 2 by R. Paul Wilson
525.  Extremely Ambitious by Jay Sankey
526.  Eye Candy by Luke Dancy
527.  EZB by Nicholas Lawrence

528.  FaceLift by Leon Andersen
529.  FaceShifter by Skulkor
530.  Fade by Chris Mayhew
531.  Fair Deal Kid by Paul Wilson
532.  Fair Trade by Smagic Productions
533.  Fall Transpo by Smagic Productions
534.  Fallen by Daniel Garcia
535.  Falling Elevator by Bizau Vasile Cristian
536.  False Cuts by Luke Jermay
537.  False Shuffles & Cuts by Brian Brushwood
538.  False Shuffles by Ben Salinas
539.  False Shuffles by Takumi Takahashi
540.  Fan Control by Joel Paschall
541.  Fantabulous by Tom Elderfield
542.  Fantastic Aces by Jörg Alexander
543.  Fanthom Change by Zach Mueller
544.  Fast Company by Damian Nieman
545.  Fauxverhand Shuffle by James Dickson
546.  Fax by Loki Kross
547.  Feel N' Seal by Peter Eggink
548.  Final Secrets Vol 2 by Dominique Duvivier
549.  Final Secrets Vol 3 by Dominique Duvivier
550.  Final Secrets Vol 4 by Dominique Duvivier
551.  Final Secrets Vol 5 by Dominique Duvivier
552.  Fingers by Mickael Chatelain
553.  Fire in the Hole by Huron Low
554.  Fireworks by Aldo Colombini
555.  First Hour by Bizau Cristian
556.  Five Card Stud by Lee Asher
557.  Five The Easy Way by Mark Elsdon
558.  Flap by Hondo Chen
559.  Flap Cards by Alexis De La Fuente
560.  Flash Deck Switch 2.0 by Shin Lim
561.  Flash Deck Switch by Shin Lim
562.  Flash Flight by Nicholas Lawrence
563.  Flashback by Dani DaOrtiz
564.  Flashback by Mickael Chatelain
565.  Flat Pack by Cameron Francis
566.  Flawless by Shin Lim
567.  Flight by Kevin Li & Shin Lim Presents
568.  Flik by Alexis De La Fuente
569.  Flink Flop by Dan Hauss
570.  Flip & Catch by TheMystefyer1
571.  Flip Flop Change by Blake Vogt
572.  Flopper Change by Manu Llari
573.  Flow Change by Valdemar Gestur
574.  Flutter by Rizki Nanda & World Magic Shop
575.  Fly by Geraint Clarke
576.  Fly By Night by Chris Randall
577.  Folded Colour Changing Card by Joseph Farrington
578.  Follow The Leader by Roberto Giobbi
579.  Followers by Dani DaOrtiz
580.  Fontaine by Zach Mueller
581.  Force by Mathieu Bich
582.  Force of Will by Dave Hooper
583.  Forging Ahead by Jason Ladanye
584.  Fortuity by David Jonathan
585.  Fortuity by Rick Lax
586.  FoS (The Overhand False Shuffle) by Bizau Cristian
587.  Four Ace Routine by Tony Clark
588.  Four Aces Project by Nathan Kranzo
589.  Four Pack by John Carey
590.  Fourfit by Reuben Moreland
591.  Fourfly by Tobias Dostal
592.  Fourgasm by Kevin Ho
593.  Fourseen by Wayne Dobson
594.  Fractalicious by John Bannon & Liam Montier
595.  Freak by Will Houston
596.  Fred by Any Other Name by John Bannon
597.  French Bred Winners by Etienne Pradier
598.  French Count & French Trick by Mathieu Bich
599.  French Kiss by Wayne Houchin
600.  French Sequence by Miquel Roman
601.  Friend Vol 1 & 2 by Bruno Copin
602.  Friendbook by David Taylor
603.  Frogy by Snake
604.  Full Monty by Liam Montier
605.  Fully Loaded by Mark Mason
606.  Further Than Ever by Roberto Giobbi
607.  Fuze by Jeff Prace
608.  Fuzion by Blake Vogt

609.  Gaff Cards by Gary Plants
610.  Gaff-Tacular by Liam Montier
611.  Galaxy Control by Cao Luan
612.  Gamble by Andi Gladwin
613.  Gambler Vs Gambler by Peter Woerde
614.  Gamblers Cop by Daniel Madison
615.  Gambler's Exercise by Luke Jermay
616.  Gambler's Paradise by Charles Sykes
617.  Gambling Protection Series (Disc 2) by Steve Forte
618.  Gambling Protection Series by Steve Forte
619.  Game by Luke Jermay & Vanishing Inc
620.  Gathering by Jamie Daws
621.  Ghost Corner by Gol D Iron/Inspired by Lubor Feidler
622.  Ghost Change by Youen
623.  Ghost Peek by James Swain
624.  Ghost Vision by Andrew Mayne
625.  Gkaps Live with Gabi Pareras (Oct 29th 2017)
626.  Glitch by Daniel Madison
627.  Go Change by N2G & Leo Xing
628.  Godel by Alexander Hansford
629.  God's Creation by Miquel Roman
630.  Going Postal by Rick Lax
631.  Gold Dust Live by Paul Gordon
632.  Golden Touches by Eric Goldfarb
633.  Gone by Daniel Madison
634.  Gone Deck by Shin Lim
635.  Good At Numbers by Rafael Benatar
636.  GPS by Chris Kenner
637.  Grab by Mark Calabrese
638.  Grace by Bebel
639.  Grade by Matthew Underhill & Daniel Bryan
640.  Gradual by Zach Mueller
641.  Graphic by Matt Mello
642.  Greek Switch by Perseus Arkomanis
643.  Green Magic Vol 1-7 by Lennart Green
644.  Green Magic Vol 2 by Lennart Green
645.  Groove Electric Switch by Doc Docherty
646.  Ground Control by Cody Nottingham
647.  Guaranteed Jackpot by Mark Elsdon
648.  Gumart by Manu Llari
649.  Gun by Lyndon Jugalbot
650.  Gun Control by Chris Mayhew
651.  Gypsy Queen by Asi Wind
652.  Gift Card by Constantinos Pantelias
653.  Gimmicked by Andost

654.  H.G. Effect by Shawn Farquhar
655.  Hacked by Brian Kennedy
656.  Hallucination Deck by Jerome Canolle
657.  Halogen by James Marx
658.  Handle with Carey by John Carey
659.  Handmucking by Father Alex
660.  Hand's Nova by Alan Borg
661.  Hands Off by Patrick Redford
662.  Hands Off Prediction by Lynx Magic
663.  Happy Travels by Rick Lax
664.  Hart's Pass by Chris Brown
665.  Hashtag by Alex Hansford
666.  Haunted 2.0 by Peter Eggink
667.  Haunted Prelude by Rick Lax
668.  Haunted Revolution by Mariano Goni
669.  Haunty by Mareli
670.  Head to Head Poker by Paul Gordon
671.  Headphone by Yoann
672.  Heckler by Brian Tudor
673.  Heinsight by Karl Hein & Rich Aviles
674.  Heinstein's Dream by Karl Hein
675.  Helium by Paul Wilson
676.  Hello My Name Is by Cameron Francis
677.  Hellraiser 2 by Arnel Renegado
678.  Hellraiser 3 by Arnel Renegado
679.  Hellraiser by Arnel Renegado
680.  Her Majesty's Spell by Dani DaOrtiz
681.  Heritage by Daniel Madison
682.  Herrmann Pass with Jason England
683.  Hessian by Alex Hansford
684.  High End by Blake Vogt
685.  HighRise by Rick Lax
686.  Hijacked by Ken Dyne
687.  Hit by Ilyas Seisov and Adelante
688.  Hit the Road by Paul Wilson & Lee Asher
689.  Hofzinser Anthology by Sebastian Midtvaage
690.  Hofzinser Poker by Jeremy Hanrahan
691.  Hofzinser's Aristocrats by Kostya Kimlat & Syd Segal
692.  Hole 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain
693.  Hole by Higpon
694.  Hole in One by Michael Boden
695.  Hole Sensation by Iain Moran
696.  Hole3 by David Luu
697.  Holed Up by Chris Mayhew
698.  Holely by Will Tsai
699.  Holiday 2015 by Alex Pandrea
700.  Hollingworth Collection by Guy Hollingworth
701.  Hollow by Menny Lindenfeld
702.  Hollywood by Alex Pandrea
703.  Hologram by Davis Stone
704.  Homemade Gimmicks by Doorway Magic
705.  Homing Card by Nguyen Ngoc Tu
706.  Hopper by Justin Miller
707.  Hotshot Color Changes by Ben Salinas
708.  Houdini Color Change by Julio Rivera
709.  Hover Card Plus by Dan Harlan & Nicholas Lawrence
710.  Hover Control by Chris Severson
711.  How by Magic from Holland & Ferry de Riemer
712.  How To Do Miracle Card Tricks by Adam Wilber & Peter McKinnon
713.  Hucko Steal by Richard Hucko
714.  Hungry by Mathieu Bich
715.  Hustle by Juan Marcos
716.  Hypercards by Andrew Mayne
717.  HypnoTrick by Ben Williams

718.  I Hate Card Tricks by Stephen Bargatze
719.  I.D.D by Chris Rawlins
720.  iCaan - Card At Any Number by James Went
721.  Ice Cold ACAAN by Mitchell Kettlewell
722.  Ice Shot by Valdemar Gestur
723.  ICEmove by Valdemar Gestur
724.  Icon by Lloyd Barnes
725.  Idea para Baraja Invisible by Areson
726.  Identical by Brian Caswell
727.  Identity by Richard Sanders
728.  Illuminate by Mike Hankins
729.  Illusion of Impossibility by Daniel Prado
730.  Imagine by G
731.  Impactos by Mariano Goni
732.  Implausibilities by Hudson Taylor
733.  Impossibilia by John Bannon
734.  Impossible Card Magic by Ray Kosby
735.  Impossible Linking Card by Jimmy Noetzel
736.  Impossible Revelations by Max Maven
737.  Impressions at the Card Table by Tom Rose
738.  Impromptu Card Magic Vol 1-6 by Aldo Colombini
739.  Impromptu Card Stab by Dani DaOrtiz
740.  Impromptu Duo by Caleb Wiles
741.  Impromptu Packet Tricks by Aldo Colombini
742.  In a Flash by Felix Bodden
743.  In the Air by Jordan Victoria
744.  In the Middle by Mark Mason
745.  In Wonderland by Nguyen Ngoc Tu
746.  In Your Face Change by Bill Perkins
747.  InCAANtation by Joel Dickinson
748.  Incredible Self Working Card Tricks Vol 1 by Michael Maxwell
749.  Incredible Self Working Card Tricks Vol 2 by Michael Maxwell
750.  Incredible Self Working Card Tricks Volume 4 by Michael Maxwell
751.  Incredihole by Brandon David & Chris Turchi
752.  Indecent by Wayne Houchin
753.  Infallible by Mark Elsdon
754.  Infamous by Johnny T
755.  Infinity & Beyond by Martin Nash
756.  Inflexion by David Loosley
757.  Inflict by Patrick Kun
758.  Influence by Mickael Chatelain
759.  Ink by Mickael Chatelain
760.  Ink'A'Change by Victor Sanz
761.  InKcognito by Brian Kennedy
762.  Ink-Redible by Nicholas Dakin
763.  Insane by Andy Nyman
764.  Inscrutable Vol 1   by Joseph Barry
765.  Inscrutable Vol 2 by Joseph Barry
766.  Inside by Mat Parrott
767.  Inside the Vault by Dani DaOrtiz
768.  Insight by Hugo Shelley
769.  Insight by Tom Elderfield & Shin Lim
770.  Insomnia by Antonio Cacace
771.  Inspiration Vol 1 by Bebel & Jean-Pierre Vallarino
772.  Inspiration Vol 2 by Bebel & Jean-Pierre Vallarino
773.  Instagram Color Change Project by Vivek Singhi
774.  Instant T by Les French Twins
775.  Instant Transformation by Bebel
776.  Intensity by Alex Geiser
777.  Intercalando by Bebel
778.  Intuition by Luke Dancy
779.  Intuition by Michael Feldman
780.  Intuition Poker by Pipo Villanueva
781.  Invisible Card Punch by David Powell
782.  Invisible Deck App (ios)
783.  Invisible Hands by Patrick Kun
784.  Invisible Palm by Wayne Houchin
785.  Invisible Speller by Dani DaOrtiz
786.  Invisible Triumph by Jim Krenz
787.  Invisibly Triumphant by Kyle Littleton
788.  Iris by Lloyd Barnes
789.  Ishkabibble Sandwich by Eric Jones
790.  Isolated by Pablo Amira
791.  Isolated by Vivek Singhi
792.  Isolation by Danny Case
793.  Italian Serenade by Aldo Colombini
794.  IV by Shin Lim
795.  IVCC - Improved Vanishing Card Case by Matthew Johnson

796.  Jack in the Box by Terry LaGerould
797.  JackBlack by Geraint Clarke
798.  Jailbreak by Lyndon Jugalbot & Finix Chan
799.  Jared Kopf Collection by Jared Kopf
800.  Jenko Popout by TheRussianGenius
801.  Joker 5 by Yoann
802.  Journey by Matt Johnson
803.  Jump by Jordan Victoria
804.  Jump by Mathieu Bich
805.  Jumper by Rama Yura
806.  Junky by Docc Hilford
807.  Just Imagine by Jay Sankey
808.  Juxtaposition by Devonte

809.  Kabal by Eric Jones
810.  Kaos by Daniel Garcia
811.  Kapow by Cameron Francis & Liam Montier
812.  Kaze by Jeremiah Zuo & Lost Art Magic
813.  Keep Calm & Carey On by John Carey
814.  Kidnap by Smagic Productions
815.  Killer Card Case by JP Vallarino & Yuri Kaine
816.  Killer Window by Brancato Merlino
817.  Killers by Paul Wilson
818.  King of Warped by Martin Cox
819.  Knock'Em Dead 2 by Peter Nardi & Alakazam Magic
820.  Kolyviumph by Daniel Chard
821.  Korner by Drusko
822.  KW One Hand Pass by Kim Wist
823.  Kwitch by Kevin Guan

824.  L.A. Clip by Nick Vlow
825.  La Dama Inquieta by Jorge Carmona
826.  La Flecha by Joaquin Matas
827.  La Ilusion by Juan Tamariz
828.  LAP by Dani DaOrtiz, Juan Tamariz & Yann Frisch
829.  LAP by Juan Tamariz, Yann Frisch & Dani DaOrtiz
830.  Las Cartas de Mis Amigos by Rafael Benatar
831.  Las Tres Transformaciones by David Sousa
832.  Last Ambitious by Jesus Lopez
833.  Lavand by Michael O'Brien
834.  LCD6DL by Yoann
835.  Le Bal Masque by Bebel
836.  Le Nombre D'Or by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
837.  Legend by Justin Miller
838.  Lessons in Magic Vol 1 by Juan Tamariz
839.  Lessons in Magic Vol 2 by Juan Tamariz
840.  Lessons in Magic Vol 3 by Juan Tamariz
841.  Let's Have a Dream by Dominique Duvivier
842.  Lethal by Bobby Motta
843.  Lethal Weapon by Stephen Leathwaite
844.  LGDM Control by Robin De Leon
845.  Light Speed by Rick Lax
846.  Light Switch by Lloyd Barnes
847.  Lightning Card to Wallet by Nate Kranzo
848.  Lightwave by Justin Miller
849.  Limitless by Peter Nardi
850.  L'Imprimerie by Dominique Duvivier
851.  Linker by Alan Rorrison
852.  Linx by Arnel Renegado
853.  Linx by Rian Lehman & Sensor Magic
854.  Little Door by Roddy McGhie
855.  Loaded by Marcus Eddie
856.  Localización Caótica por Jesús Duque
857.  Lock Stock & Riot by Peter McKinnon
858.  Lockjaw by Pierric
859.  Loose Change by Justin Miller & Alex Alejandro
860.  Losing Control by Lee Asher
861.  Lost & Found by Daniel Bryan
862.  Lost & Found by Jared Kopf
863.  Love Cards by Craig Petty & Russell Leeds
864.  Lucky Card by Wayne Dobson
865.  Lumber by Mr Pearl

866.  Madcap Boy by Deepak Mishra
867.  Maestro by Rene Lavand & Luis De Matos
868.  Maguro Mega Pack by Michael Sterm
869.  Magic From My Heart by Juan Tamariz
870.  Magic Under Fire by Harry Robson
871.  Magical Sleight by Yoann Fontyn
872.  Magical Sleight Season 1
873.  Magical Sleight Season 2
874.  Magical Sleight Season 3
875.  Magix by Les French Twins & JeanLuc Bertrand
876.  Malice by Lost Art Magic
877.  Malone Meets Marlo Vol 1 by Bill Malone
878.  Malone Meets Marlo Vol 2 by Bill Malone
879.  Malone Meets Marlo Vol 3 by Bill Malone
880.  Malone Meets Marlo Vol 4 by Bill Malone
881.  Malone Meets Marlo Vol 5 by Bill Malone
882.  Malone Meets Marlo Vol 6 by Bill Malone
883.  Mambo N5 By Oz Pearlman
884.  Man of Danger Vol 1-3 by Simon Lovell
885.  Maniacal by Lloyd Barnes
886.  Manila by Geni
887.  Manila by Julio Montoro
888.  Manhattan Opener by Michael Feldman
889.  Manhole by Arnel Renegado
890.  Maphia by PH
891.  Maquillage by Aarsh Shah
892.  Marbles by Zach Mueller
893.  Marked Cards by Rick Lax
894.  Marksman Deck by Luke Jermay
895.  Marlo's Future Reverse by Alex Pandrea
896.  Mars Control by Chris Brown
897.  Mash Pack by Garrett Thomas
898.  Masque by Max Maven
899.  Master Card Routine by Cody Fisher
900.  Master Files by Lennart Green (Disc 1)
901.  Master Files by Lennart Green (Disc 2)
902.  Master Files by Lennart Green (Disc 3)
903.  Master Files by Lennart Green (Disc 4)
904.  Masterpiece by Rick Lax
905.  Matemagia by Juan Luis Rubiales
906.  Materials by Steve Faulkner
907.  Matrix 2 by Mickael Chatelain
908.  Matrix Perceptivo by Miguel Angel Gea
909.  Maverick by Woody Aragon & Lost Art Magic
910.  M-Case by Mickael Chatelain
911.  MD Shift by Raphael Macho
912.  MDX4 by Matthew Duarte
913.  Mechanic by Daniel Madison
914.  Meditations by James Went & Big Blind Media
915.  Melt 2.0 by Matthew Johnson
916.  Melting Pot by Dominique Duvivier (Disc 1)
917.  Melting Pot by Dominique Duvivier (Disc 2)
918.  Memory at the Card Table by Joseph Barry
919.  Mend by Nicholas Lawrence
920.  Mentalism 101 Trick by Dennis Loomis
921.  Menu of Miracles Vol 1 by James Prince
922.  Mercury Aces by Ellusionist
923.  Metro by Yoann Fontyn
924.  Mi Magia by Miquel Roman
925.  Midnight ACAAN by Ryan Yuan
926.  Min Change by Manu Llari
927.  Mini Match by Jibrizy Taylor
928.  Minimal Oil & Water by Teo Nguyen Quang
929.  Minimal Tour 2014 by Alex Pandrea
930.  Miracle Exchange by Shoot Ogawa
931.  Miracle Square by MAG - Magic Heart Team
932.  Miracles Without Moves by Ryan Schlutz
933.  Mirage by JB Dumas & David Stone
934.  Mirror Force by Patrick Kun
935.  Mirror Transpo by Bogdan Voicu
936.  Mistaken Sandwich by Bill Goodwin
937.  Mix by Limin
938.  Mixxa by Gary Sumpter
939.  MKA by Victor Cruz
940.  Mnemonica Miracles by Juan Tamariz
941.  Modern Intricacies 2 by Yoann
942.  Modern Intricacies by Yoann
943.  Modern Triumph by Michael "Six" Muldoon
944.  Modulate by Dee Christopher
945.  Mo-Mo by Gerald Robinson
946.  Monet by Alex Pandrea
947.  Money Shot by Mickael Chatelain
948.  Monkey in the Middle by Bill Goldman & Magick Balay
949.  Monte Test by Anthony Stan & Magic Smile Productions
950.  Montes by Manu Montes
951.  More Memory Man by Joel Givens
952.  Morf Evolution by Arnel Renegado
953.  Moustache by Chris Ballinger
954.  Move by Gianni Vox
955.  Move by Marc Smith
956.  Move Mastery Vol 1 by Peter Duffie
957.  Move Mastery Vol 2 by Peter Duffie
958.  Move Mastery Vol 3 by Peter Duffie
959.  Move Zero Vol 1 by John Bannon
960.  Move Zero Vol 2 by John Bannon
961.  Move Zero Vol 3 by John Bannon
962.  Move Zero Vol 4 by John Bannon
963.  Moves by Daniel Madison
964.  Moves by Yoann Fontyn
965.  Mr. Lifto by Ryan Schlutz
966.  MS Magic Night 2014 by Magical Sleight
967.  Muldoon Match by Paul Gordon
968.  Mummies by Arnel Renegado
969.  Music and the Mirror by Robert Ramirez
970.  Music Hour Ace Opener by Toto
971.  Mutate by Arnel Renegado
972.  Mutation by Peter Eggink
973.  Mute by Ryan Stock
974.  Mystery Deck by Irving Quant
975.  Mystery Deck by Taiwan Ben
976.  Mystery Solved by David Penn
977.  Mystique by Dave Loosley
978.  Myth by Ben Train

979.  N Card by N2G
980.  Naked by Salvador Sufrate
981.  Nanomagics by Roman Garcia
982.  Navy Effects Vol 1 by Jaehoon Lim
983.  Navy Effects Vol 2 by Jaehoon Lim
984.  Neither Blind Nor Stupid by Juan Tamariz
985.  Nemesis by Oz Pearlman
986.  Neo Change by Daryl Sato
987.  NeoMix by Jim Krenz
988.  Neon Box by Rizki Nanda
989.  Neuromágicas Vol 2 by Mágico Nicolas
990.  Neuromágicas Vol 4 by Mágico Nicolas
991.  Never Seen by Jean Pierre Vallarino
992.  Never Seen by JP Vallarino
993.  New Way Change by Shanit
994.  NFW by Gary Freed
995.  Night at the Casino by John Carey
996.  Ninja 1: Stealth Technique by Brad Christian
997.  Ninja 2: Weapons by Brad Christian
998.  Ninja Tossed Out Deck by Patrick Redford
999.  No Kings by Peter Pellikaan
1000.    No Liar Aces by Geni
1001.    Noted 2.0 by Gary Jones
1002.    Notion by Harry Monk
1003.    Nothing But The Best Vol 1 by Darwin Ortiz
1004.    Nothing But The Best Vol 2 by Darwin Ortiz
1005.    Nothing But The Best Vol 3 by Darwin Ortiz
1006.    Nothing In Transit by Dave Forrest
1007.    Nova by Avi Yap & Skymember
1008.    Now Look Here by Chad Long
1009.    Nowhere by Nathan Kranzo
1010.    Nu Flash by Zamm Wong & Bond Lee
1011.    Numbers by Rus Andrews
1012.    Numerus by Raphael Macho
1013.    Nyctophilia by NubzMagic

1014.    O.C.L by Ben Williams
1015.    Ocular by Alexis De Le Fuente
1016.    ODD by Marcus Eddie
1017.    Off Center by Dario Capuozzo
1018.    Offset by Sebastien Calbry
1019.    Offworld by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1020.    Oil & Water by Hoan Vu
1021.    OJ Gimmick by Jordan Victoria
1022.    Omega = Alpha by Woody Aragon
1023.    Omen Ink by Arnel Renegado
1024.    On 1 by Dan & Dave
1025.    On the Loose Vol 1-4 by Bill Malone
1026.    One by Matthew Underhill
1027.    One For The Money by Bill Goldman
1028.    One Hand Mexican Turnover by Doc Docherty
1029.    One Hand Popover by Aaron Fisher
1030.    One Hand Top Palm by Alex Linian
1031.    One Twist by Axel Hecklau
1032.    Only Slightly Sleighty by Ryan Schultz
1033.    Only Think 2.0 by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1034.    Ongelooflijke by Peter Pellikaan
1035.    Open by Marcus Eddie
1036.    Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz
1037.    Open Triumph by Garrett Thomas
1038.    Opening Doors by Henry Evans & Vernet
1039.    Ophen by PH
1040.    Or Not by Dani DaOrtiz
1041.    Oracle by Titanas
1042.    Orbinase Change by Chris Brown
1043.    Orbit Control by Chris Brown
1044.    Orbitbrown Season 1: Episode 10 - The Onslaught Change by Chris Brown
1045.    Orbitbrown Season 1: Episode 3 - The Wonka Vision
1046.    Orbitbrown Season 1: Episode 5 - Performance Training
1047.    Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 10 - Orbit on the SWE Shift
1048.    Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 2 - The 1977 Change by Orbit Brown
1049.    Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 3 - Card Magic for Beginners
1050.    Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 4 -   Bertram Change
1051.    Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 6 - Orbit on the Tabled Flat Palm
1052.    Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 7 - Saturn Change
1053.    Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 8 - The Skeptic Silencer
1054.    Orbitbrown Season 3: Episode 1 - Uncle Rich's Favorite Trick by Chris Brown
1055.    Orbitbrown Season 3: Episode 2 - The Cuts
1056.    Orbitbrown Season 3: Episode 3 - Cloud Pop by Nick Vlow
1057.    Orbitbrown Season 3: Episode 4 - Orbit on the Hurricane Change
1058.    Orbitbrown Season 3: Episode 7 - Under the Roof by Sergey Koller
1059.    Orbitbrown Season 3: Episode 8 - The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
1060.    Origen by Miquel Roman
1061.    OSYN by Mark Calabrese
1062.    Out of My Mind by Spidey
1063.    Out of Sight by Joshua Jay
1064.    Out of Sleight by Cameron Francis
1065.    Out/In by Cameron Francis
1066.    Out-Standing by Roberto Mansilla
1067.    Over the Edge by Landon Swank
1068.    Over The Top by Arteco
1069.    Over the Top by Cameron Francis
1070.    Over This World by Alex Pandrea
1071.    OverClock by Yoann F
1072.    Oxygen by Yoann Fontyn

1073.    Packet Mania Vol 1 by Cameron Francis
1074.    Packet Mania Vol 2 by Cameron Francis
1075.    Packet Mania Vol 3 by Cameron Francis
1076.    Packet Trick Picks by Aldo Colombini
1077.    Paint the Roses Red by Lewis Leval
1078.    Painting by Mickael Chatelain
1079.    Palming Fundamentals by Jason England
1080.    Palming Puddles by Bizau Cristian
1081.    Panda Switch by Nguyen Ngoc Tu
1082.    Panic by Aaron Fisher
1083.    Panini by Lee Asher
1084.    Papa Change by Lloyd Barnes
1085.    Paperclipped Special Edition by Jay Sankey
1086.    Paradigm Shift by Simon Black
1087.    Paradox Card by Mickael Chatelain
1088.    Parallels by Think Nguyen
1089.    Parent Trap by Sebastian Midtvaage
1090.    Past Midnight volume 2 by Benjamin Earl
1091.    Past Midnight volume 3 by Benjamin Earl
1092.    Pathways to Mastery Lesson Vol 1-6 by Aaron Fisher
1093.    Patrified by Patrick Kun
1094.    PCP by Kevin Ho
1095.    Pellikaan Package by Peter Pellikaan
1096.    Pellikaan's Hole by Peter Pellikaan
1097.    Pellikaan's Oil & Water by Peter Pellikaan
1098.    Pen Pal by Alexis de la Fuente
1099.    Penetration by Arnold
1100.    Penguin Monte 2.0 presented by Rick Lax
1101.    Perception by Luke Dancy
1102.    Peregrine Pass by Daniel Prado
1103.    Perfect Appearance of a Card by Miquel Roman
1104.    Perfect Riffle Shuffle by Joe Barry
1105.    Perfection by Oz Pearlman
1106.    Piece by Choi Hyo One
1107.    Pieces by Christian Engblom
1108.    Pink Riffle Force by Chris Cheong
1109.    Pinky Swear by Doug Conn
1110.    Piperactive Vol 1 by James Piper
1111.    Pivotal Peek by Ryan Schlutz
1112.    Pixel by David Jade
1113.    Placebo by Mark Calabrese
1114.    Playing Card Magic by Jay Sankey
1115.    PLOP 1/8 : The Triumph by Yoann & Astone
1116.    Plop 2/8: The Collector by Yoann and Astone
1117.    Plucked Aces by Chad Long
1118.    Pocket Bizarre by Peter Eggink
1119.    Pocket Card at Any Number by Michael O'Brien
1120.    Pocket Collector by Jordan Victoria
1121.    Poker Con by James Went
1122.    Polarity by Pablo Amira
1123.    Polaroid Change by B. Smith
1124.    Polyester by Zivi Kivi
1125.    Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian
1126.    Portable Ink by Takel & Titanas Magic
1127.    Porthole by Darryl Vanamburg
1128.    Position Impossible by Brent Braun
1129.    Potato Change by Gerald Robinson
1130.    Pound Transpo by Nicholas Lawrence
1131.    PowerFul by Mauro Brancato Merlino & Mattia Morris
1132.    Powerful Poker Routines by Paul A. Lelekis
1133.    P-Pass by Geni
1134.    Praxis by Chris Ramsay
1135.    PrediChange by Yonel Arcade
1136.    Predixion by Max Maven
1137.    Preferencias by Javier Ponce
1138.    Premise & Presentation by Joshua Jay
1139.    Press Play by Tyler Wilson
1140.    Prevision by Peter Eggink
1141.    Prime Shadow Spring by Ben Prime
1142.    Prime Time by Ed Marlo
1143.    Prism by Joshua Jay
1144.    Prison by Verrell Axel
1145.    Prisoners by Alex Pandrea
1146.    Private Studies   by Edward Marlo
1147.    Pro Aces by Paul Gordon
1148.    Professional Card Forcing Techniques by Paul Gertner
1149.    Professional Opportunist Vol 1 by James Brown
1150.    Professional Opportunist Vol 2 by James Brown
1151.    Professor's Nightmare by Tom Ogden
1152.    Project C by Cross
1153.    Project S by Simon Black
1154.    Pseudo by Chris Rawlins
1155.    Pseudo Stacking by Jason England
1156.    Pseudo1 by Luke Jermay
1157.    Psycho by Spidey
1158.    Puddle Jumper by Zach Mueller
1159.    Pump Room Phantasy Revisited by Jack Carpenter
1160.    PUT it in the Card Box   by Paul Wilson
1161.    Putar (Double Lift System) by SaysevenT
1162.    Puzzle by Shota Okano
1163.    Pyrotechnic Pasteboard by Gregory Wilson
1164.    PH On The Roof by S.O.M
1165.    Phantasm by Jamie Daws
1166.    Phantom Deck by Joshua Jay
1167.    Pharasyte 2 by PH OnTheRoof
1168.    Pharasyte 3 by PH OnTheRoof
1169.    PHault by PH OnTheRoof
1170.    Philosopher's Stone by Zenneth Kok
1171.    Phoenix Aces by Chris Randall
1172.    Phoenix Ashes by David Blanco
1173.    Photografic by Matthew Mello
1174.    Photon by Dennis Kim

1175.    QTcontrol by Ollie Rossiter
1176.    Quadrant Limited Edition by Brandon David & Chris Turchi
1177.    Quantum Angel by Paul Harris
1178.    Quantum Mechanics by Irving Quant
1179.    Quantum Monkey by Pipo Villanueva
1180.    Quatuor by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1181.    Quick Change Prediction by Dean Biggane
1182.    Quidnunc Plus! by Paul Gordon

1183.    Radiation by Arie Bhojez
1184.    Radical Korn by Chris Korn
1185.    Ramsetu by Mayank Chaubey
1186.    Random by Peter Nardi
1187.    Random by Yanik Kumar & Vipul Kumar
1188.    Rapture by Edward Boswell
1189.    Raspberry Dawn by Dalton Wayne
1190.    Raw by Jordan Victoria & Sebastien Calbry
1191.    RBTC by Chris Annable
1192.    RC Change by Sergio Roca
1193.    RE by Chris Webb
1194.    Real Ace Cutting by Benjamin Earl
1195.    Real Deal by Jeff Lianza
1196.    Recall by Tom Crosbie
1197.    Recoil by Ollie Mealing
1198.    Red Mango by Mark Calabrese
1199.    Red Mirror by Helder Guimaraes
1200.    Red Pill by Chris Ramsay
1201.    Red Streamlined Convertible by David Regal
1202.    Redemption by Chris Ballinger
1203.    Redux Vol 1 by Dave Forrest & Cameron Francis
1204.    REF4M by Blake Vogt
1205.    Refined Card Magic by Ernesto Melero
1206.    Reflection by Bill Goodwin
1207.    ReinCARDnation by Kris Nevling
1208.    Rejoined by João Miranda & Julio Montoro
1209.    Reloaded by Dani DaOrtiz
1210.    Remastered by Lyndon Jugalbot & Skymember
1211.    Remote Viewing by Luke Jermay
1212.    Rendez Vous by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1213.    Repair by Alan Rorrison
1214.    Replay by Richard Hucko
1215.    Reset 4 by Ngoc Tu
1216.    Resonance by Lewis Le Val
1217.    Restless Vol 1 by Dan Hauss
1218.    Restless Vol 2 by Dan Hauss
1219.    Restless Vol 3 by Dan Hauss
1220.    Return Flight by Rick Lax
1221.    Return to Oz by Justin Miller
1222.    Retract by Arnel Renegado
1223.    Revelations by Claude Rix
1224.    Reversion by Ryan Bliss
1225.    Revgo Change by James Davies
1226.    Revolt by Geraint Clarke
1227.    Revolution Box by Alexis De La Fuente
1228.    Revolution by Aaron Fisher
1229.    Revolver by Gregory Wilson
1230.    Revolver by Kelvin Chow
1231.    Rewound By Yannick Chretien
1232.    Rhapsodies in Silver & Other Mysteries by Michael Vincent (Disc 1)
1233.    Rhapsodies in Silver & Other Mysteries by Michael Vincent (Disc 2)
1234.    Rhapsodies in Silver & Other Mysteries by Michael Vincent (Disc 3)
1235.    Rhapsodies in Silver & Other Mysteries by Michael Vincent (Disc 4)
1236.    Ridiculous by David Williamson
1237.    Riffle Pass by Chad Nelson
1238.    Rift by Cody Nottingham
1239.    Ringing in a Cooler by Paul Wilson
1240.    Riot by Dan Hauss
1241.    Rip & Fold by Rick Lax
1242.    RIP by Christopher Wiehl
1243.    RIP by Daniel Madison
1244.    Ripped & Fryed by Charlie Frye
1245.    Ripping by Jeremy Griffith
1246.    Riprage by Arnel Renegado
1247.    Rise & Shine by Dan Hauss
1248.    Riser Deck by Mark Elsdon
1249.    Rising by Barbu Nitelea
1250.    Risky Bet by Henry Evans
1251.    Road to Rome by Darryl Davis & Daryl Williams
1252.    Roadkillers by David Acer
1253.    Roadrunner Cull Vol 2 by Kostya Kimlat
1254.    RollerCoaster Double by Alessandro Parabaighi
1255.    Rosy by Magic Eye & Magiclism
1256.    Royal Flush Triumph by Nguyen Quang Teo
1257.    Royal Road To Card Magic Vol 1 by Paul Wilson
1258.    Royal Road to Card Magic Vol 2 by Paul Wilson
1259.    Royal Road to Card Magic Vol 3 by Paul Wilson
1260.    Royal Road to Card Magic Vol 4 by Paul Wilson
1261.    Royal Road to Card Magic Vol 5 by Paul Wilson
1262.    Royal Scam by John Bannon
1263.    Royal Tonte by Bob Sheets
1264.    Royal Wave by G
1265.    RSVP - ReSealed Verified Pack by Shawn Farquhar
1266.    Rub a Dub by Kim Kyung Doc
1267.    Rub-a-Dub Deluxe Suite by Glenn Morphew
1268.    Rumba Count by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

1269.    S.S.S 2015 by Shin Lim
1270.    Sailboat by Idan Kaufman
1271.    Salou Monte by Daniel Chard
1272.    Sandwich by Yu Byeong Hun
1273.    Sandwich Policial by Roman Garcia
1274.    Sandwich Policial by Roman García
1275.    Sandwich Snap by Yvan Zmn
1276.    Sandwich Transpo by Charles Sykes
1277.    Sandwiches by Tony Chang
1278.    Satellite Change by Ben Prime
1279.    Savant by Dennis Kim
1280.    Scams & Fantasies with Cards Vol 1-4 by Darwin Ortiz
1281.    Scared by Jamie Daws
1282.    Scin by Phil Knoxville
1283.    Scratch by Chad Long
1284.    Screwed Card by Adrian Vega
1285.    Schwing Rising Card by Chris Kenner
1286.    Sealed 2.0 by Menny Lindenfeld
1287.    Sealed by Jay Jay
1288.    Search & Destroy by Aaron Fisher
1289.    Sec by Lyman Luo
1290.    Second Form by Nick Vlow & Sergey Koller
1291.    Second Hour by Bizau Cristian
1292.    Secret Vol 1 Ars-Takeshi Taniguchi by Tokyo Magic Carnival
1293.    Secret Vol 3 Shimpei Katsuragawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival
1294.    Secret Vol 4 Nobuyuki Nojima by Tokyo Magic Carnival
1295.    Secret Vol 5 Dr. Sawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival
1296.    Selenium Shift by Chris Severson
1297.    Self Working Card Tricks by Nate Kranzo
1298.    Self Working Packet Tricks by Aldo Colombini
1299.    Sensation by Mr. Bless
1300.    Sentio by Alan Rorrison
1301.    Separagon by Woody Aragon & Lost Art Magic
1302.    Ser o No Ser by Damaso Fernandez
1303.    Series Vol 1 Color Change by Cheng Lin
1304.    Sessions with Simon Vol 1 by Simon Aronson
1305.    Sessions with Simon Vol 2 by Simon Aronson
1306.    Sessions with Simon Vol 3 by Simon Aronson
1307.    Shake by Cody Nottingham
1308.    Shameless Plug by Adam Wilber
1309.    Shapeshifter by Ellusionist
1310.    Share the Love by Patrick Kun
1311.    Share the Love Templates by Patrick Kun
1312.    Sharpshooter by Jonathan Wooten
1313.    Shenanigans by Bizau Cristian
1314.    Sherlock’oin by Thomas Riboulet & Anthony Stan
1315.    Shift Change by Valdemar Gestur
1316.    Shin Splint 2.0 by Shin Lim
1317.    ShiNAG by Shin Lim
1318.    Shinanigens by Shin Lim
1319.    Shinanigens by Shin Lim (Full Dvd)
1320.    Ships in the Night by Doc Dixon
1321.    Shock by Justin Miller
1322.    Shocking Transpo by Daniel Chard
1323.    Shockwave by Arnel Renegado
1324.    Shoet by Mark Southworth & Mark Mason
1325.    Shuffle Lesson by Chad Long
1326.    Shuffle Production by Johannes Maussner
1327.    Shuffled by Jos Denys
1328.    Shy by Smagic Productions
1329.    Siamese Twins by Bill Goodwin
1330.    Side Winder by Akira Fujii
1331.    Sightless by Parlin Lay
1332.    Sign by Alexis de la Fuente
1333.    Sign Off by Damien O'Brien
1334.    Signature by Justin Miller
1335.    Signed Card Thru the Frame by Hilgar
1336.    Silent Treatment (Universal Version + Digital Version) by Jon Allen
1337.    Silky Smooth Card Magic Vol 1 & 2 by Lance Pierce
1338.    Silky Trilogy by Justin Miller
1339.    Simple Triumph by Chris Kenner
1340.    Simply Amazing by Roberto Giobbi
1341.    Simply Sydney by Syd Segal
1342.    Sinfonía Pescada por Nuel Galán
1343.    Sinônimos by Gabriel Damasceno
1344.    Single Action Side Steal by NOR
1345.    Single Card Spread Pass by Vivek Singhi
1346.    Singularity by Patrick Kun
1347.    Sixpack by Ferry de Riemer
1348.    Skip Switch by Ollie Mealing
1349.    Skyline by Danny Weiser
1350.    Skywalker by Justin Miller
1351.    Sleeper by Eoin O'Hare
1352.    Sleeping Queen by Dan Hauss
1353.    Sleight of Hand With Cards by Jay Sankey
1354.    Sleightly Original by Cody Fisher
1355.    Sleights & Subtleties Vol 1 by Aldo Colombini
1356.    Sleights & Subtleties Vol 2 by Aldo Colombini
1357.    Slice by Pierric
1358.    Slice by Sensor Magic
1359.    Slide by De'Mon & Titanas
1360.    Slider Double by Mike Hankins
1361.    Slim by Craig Petty
1362.    Slim.3 by Rua
1363.    Slim.3 by Rua
1364.    Slipshift by Chris Ramsay
1365.    Slipshot by Chris Kenner
1366.    Slomo Sandwich by Lloyd Barnes
1367.    Slow & Ring by Lu Chen
1368.    Slow Motion Oil & Water by John Carey
1369.    Sly Card by Bboymagic
1370.    Small Miracles by Helder Guimaraes
1371.    Smart Ass by Bill Abbott
1372.    Smile by Justin Miller
1373.    Smiley by Laurent Mikelfield
1374.    Smoke & Mirrors by John Bannon
1375.    Smooth Criminal by Alexander Kolle
1376.    Smooth Predictions by The Other Brothers
1377.    Snapper by Laurent Villiger
1378.    Sniper by Red Tsai & Horret Wu
1379.    Solo by Dominique Duvivier
1380.    Solo by Mark Mason & JB Magic
1381.    Souvenir by Henri White
1382.    Space by Arnel Renegado & Lyndon Jugalbot
1383.    Space Shifter by Nicholas Lawrence
1384.    Space Time by Tom Elderfield
1385.    Sparks by JC James
1386.    Sparrow by Tony D'Amico
1387.    Spectator Cuts to the Aces by Luke Jermay
1388.    Speed by Mickael Chatelain
1389.    Spell by Shin Lim
1390.    Spello Change by Jesse Feinberg
1391.    Spell-O-Matic by Liam Montier
1392.    Spin It by David Frampton
1393.    Spiral by Zolo
1394.    Spiral Principle & Beyond by Stephen Leathwaite
1395.    Splice by Shin Lim
1396.    Splicer by Zach Mueller
1397.    Split Sessions (Vol 1 & 2) by Blake Vogt
1398.    Sploat by Alexander Smith
1399.    Spotlight on Cards by John Carey
1400.    Spread by Kyoung Doc Kim
1401.    Spread Pass by Chad Nelson
1402.    Spreadwave by Mathieu Bich
1403.    Spring Catch by Abdullah Mahmoud
1404.    Spring Production by Miquel Roman
1405.    Spy Box by Justin Miller
1406.    Square Circle Card by Mickael Chatelain
1407.    Squase by Neil Jouve
1408.    Stab by Peter Eggink
1409.    Stabbed in the Back by David Williamson
1410.    Stand Up Monte Expansion Pack by Garrett Thomas
1411.    Stand Up Monte Original Version by Garret Thomas
1412.    Star by Dave Forrest
1413.    Starlight by Chris Perrotta
1414.    Stars of Magic Vol 1 with Paul Harris
1415.    Static by David Jade
1416.    Static Levitation by Manoj Kaushal
1417.    Steal this Dvd by Eric Ross
1418.    Stealth by Arnel Renegado
1419.    Steve Forte 52 by Steve Forte
1420.    Still Fancy a Pot of Jam by James Brown
1421.    Still Waters by Bill Goodwin
1422.    Stomp by Adam Rose
1423.    Stuck On Daley by Luke Dancy
1424.    Strike by Stephane Kreif
1425.    Stripper by Oz Pearlman
1426.    Strolling Hands Vol 1 by Justin Miller
1427.    Strolling Hands Vol 2 by Justin Miller
1428.    Sub Rosa by Jason England
1429.    Sublime Self Working Card Tricks by John Carey
1430.    Submersion by Eric Ross
1431.    Subterfuge 52 by Johannes Maussner
1432.    Subtle Concepts Vol 1 by Jo Sevau & Richard Hucko
1433.    Subtle Concepts Vol 2 by Jo Sevau & Richard Hucko
1434.    Sucker Peep by Mark Wong & Inside Magic Productions
1435.    Sunk by Seth Rovner
1436.    Super Cards by Richard Sanders
1437.    Super Close Up Magic Private Lesson by Tomohiro Maeda
1438.    Super Signature by Mauro Brancatto
1439.    Surface by Daniel Madison
1440.    Surfaced by Chad Nelson
1441.    Surge by Arnel Renegado
1442.    Surge by Mickael Chatelain
1443.    Surge by Patrick Kun
1444.    Surrealidad by Manu Montes
1445.    Surround by Yoann
1446.    Survivor Change by Gabriel Lavoie
1447.    Suspending by Andrew Salas
1448.    Svengali Control by Chad Nelson
1449.    Swap by Terrance Yost
1450.    Swiss Manoeuvre by Cody Nottingham
1451.    Switch by Daniel Madison
1452.    Switch Clip by Magic from Holland & Ray Joel
1453.    Switch Gum by Sebastien Calbry
1454.    Switch Up by Danny Weiser
1455.    Switchblade by Dan Harlan
1456.    Switchli by Kevin Li
1457.    Swivel by Simon Black
1458.    Sylar by Simon Black
1459.    Symbolized by Nicholas Lawrence
1460.    Sympathetic 10 by Jörg Alexander
1461.    Synchronicity by Chris Ramsay

1462.    T Change by Jeff Prace
1463.    T.O.P. by Alex Pandrea
1464.    Table Passes by Troy Hooser
1465.    Tag by Chastain Criswell & Mark Mason
1466.    Tagged by Richard Sanders
1467.    Talk About Lapping by Dani DaOrtiz & Yann Frisch
1468.    Tapped 2.0 by Nico Scholl
1469.    Target by Shin Lim
1470.    Tattoos on Card by Ninh & Rizki Nanda
1471.    Tea with Alice & Jack by Jim Callahan
1472.    Techint by Yoshito Kitahar
1473.    Technical Toolbox by Stephen Hobbs
1474.    Techno Pop by Jack Carpenter
1475.    Telekinetic by Diamond Jim Tyler
1476.    Tested Card Works by Glenn Bishop
1477.    Ticket by João Miranda & Julio Montoro
1478.    Time Traveller by Bill Cheung
1479.    Tin Opener by Mark Southworth
1480.    Tiny Plunger by John Armstrong
1481.    TNT by Alexander de Cova
1482.    To 1 Card Transpo by Patrick Kun
1483.    Together by Chris Hanowell
1484.    Together by Snake
1485.    Toibox Card to Box System by Jonathan Kamm
1486.    Toolbiz by Biz
1487.    Toonz by Arnel Renegado
1488.    Top Card Cover Pass by Jason England
1489.    Top Change by David Williamson
1490.    Torched & Restored by Brent Braun
1491.    Torn & Amazed by Michael Ammar
1492.    Torn & Restored Transpo by David Williamson
1493.    Torn but not Forgotten by Anthony Miller
1494.    Torn Card Evolution by Juan Pablo
1495.    Torn Too by Daniel Garcia
1496.    Toss Out Change by Hudson Taylor
1497.    Total Control with Cards by Rudy Hunter
1498.    Touch by Paul Curry & Nick Locapo
1499.    Tour De Force by Michael O'Brien
1500.    Toxophily by Learned Chang
1501.    Tsunami Project by Will Tsai
1502.    TTR by Kyle Marlett
1503.    Tu by Nguyen Ngoc Tu & Creative Artists
1504.    Tunnel Vision by Dave Forrest
1505.    Turbulence by Peter Duffie & Cameron Francis
1506.    Turfbite by Zolo
1507.    Tweezer Aces by Chad Long
1508.    Twinning by Franco Pascali
1509.    Twins Legacy by Andy Smith
1510.    Twist by Mathieu Bich
1511.    Twisted Blizzard by J Aaron Delong
1512.    Twitch by Eric Simmatis
1513.    Twizinser by Helder Guimarães
1514.    Twizted by Eric Jones
1515.    Two Incredible Moments by Bebel
1516.    Two Magicians & Deck of Cards by Aldo Colombini
1517.    Two Scoops by Tom Crosbie
1518.    Tyrant by Daniel Madison
1519.    That Escalated Quickly by Harapan Ong
1520.    The 21st Century Waltz by Stuart Hamblin & Ron Jaxon
1521.    The 6th Sense by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1522.    The Art of Card Manipulation Vol 1-3 by Jeff McBride
1523.    The Art of Card Splitting by Martini
1524.    The Art of Card Throwing by Rick Smith
1525.    The Art of Palming by Javi Benitez
1526.    The Ascanio Spread Study by Luis Garcia
1527.    The Balean Twist by Bizau Cristian
1528.    The Bannon Triumph by John Bannon
1529.    The Ben Blau Project by Ben Blau
1530.    The Berg Change by Jason Silberman
1531.    The Big Tiny by Paul Harris
1532.    The Bottom Deal (2017) by Jason England
1533.    The Bottom Deal by Jason England
1534.    The Bottom Shot by Michael Eaton
1535.    The Butterfly Effect by Dave Forrest
1536.    The Butterfly Effect by Peter Nardi
1537.    The Butterfly Pass by Stephen Leathwaite
1538.    The C.I.B. by Chiara Dalpasso
1539.    The Card Puzzle by Woody Aragon
1540.    The Cardician by Edward Marlo
1541.    The Classic Force by Paul Green
1542.    The Classic Pass by Jason England
1543.    The Cloak by Daniel Prado
1544.    The Cloak by Justin Miller
1545.    The Clover Project by Brian Kennedy
1546.    The Contrariwise Shift by Chris Severson
1547.    The Controls Project by Liam Montier
1548.    The Cooler by Christian Engblom
1549.    The Count by Alex Pandrea
1550.    The Crossroad by Alex Pandrea
1551.    The Cullfather by Iain Moran
1552.    The Chameleon Card by Dominique Duvivier
1553.    The Change Vol 2 by Magic Heart Team
1554.    The Chaos of Triumph by Kiko Pastur
1555.    The Charming Cheat Vol 1 by Martin Nash
1556.    The Charming Cheat Vol 2 by Martin Nash
1557.    The Cheat by Richard Turner
1558.    The Chosen by Tony Chris
1559.    The Chosen One by Mystery Mark
1560.    The Dancy Revelation by Luke Dancy
1561.    The Dark Card by TheMystefyer1
1562.    The Deceased by Jamie Daws
1563.    The Definitive Sankey by Andi Gladwin & Joshua Jay
1564.    The Devil Box by Martin Goh
1565.    The Devil's Picturebook by Derren Brown
1566.    The Doohickey Switch by Nathan Hickey
1567.    The Double Lift Project by Liam Montier
1568.    The Dream Act by Shin Lim
1569.    The Dribble Pass by Luke Jermay
1570.    The Dropbox Change by Justin Miller
1571.    The Dual Control Revisited by Michael Vincent
1572.    The Elmsley Count Project by Liam Montier
1573.    The End by Rick Lax
1574.    The Evolution of Card Manipulation by Lee Ang Hsuan
1575.    The Experiment by Vinny Sagoo
1576.    The Expert at the Card   Table by Wesley James
1577.    The Expert At The Card Table   by Allan Ackerman
1578.    The Fade Change by Davide Tizzano
1579.    The False Deals Project by George McBride
1580.    The False Shuffles & Cuts Project by Liam Montier
1581.    The Favourite Cards of My Friends by Rafael Benatar
1582.    The Fifth Card by Brian Caswell
1583.    The Fly by Marcos Waldemar
1584.    The Forces Project by Liam Montier
1585.    The Gaff System: Game-Changing Gaff Cards by Ellusionist
1586.    The Game by Sandro Loporcaro
1587.    The Gathering by Jamie Dawes & Dave Forrest
1588.    The Gentle Change by Astone
1589.    The Ghost by Paul Nardini
1590.    The Gorilla Change by Dan Hauss
1591.    The GPS Deck by Steve Gore
1592.    The Graduate by Aaron Fisher
1593.    The Grail Gold Edition by Mike Rose
1594.    The Grid by Richard Wiseman
1595.    The Guardians by Thomas Riboulet
1596.    The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins
1597.    The Hardest Working Cards in Showbusiness by Jack Carpenter
1598.    The Hawk 2.0 by Alexander Kolle
1599.    The Impossible Red X by Kent Cummins
1600.    The Invisible Card by Blake Vogt
1601.    The Jesters by Aldo Colombini
1602.    The Known by Thom Peterson
1603.    The Ladybug by Hugo Valenzuela
1604.    The Last Prediction by Kneill X
1605.    The Light by Chris Congreave
1606.    The Lost Tapes by Justin Miller
1607.    The Magic of David Corsaro
1608.    The Magic of Rocco Card Manipulation by Rocco
1609.    The Master Pushoff by Andi Gladwin
1610.    The Mechanic's Pass by Richard Hucko
1611.    The Mirage by Dani DaOrtiz
1612.    The Multiple Revelation Project by Andi Gladwin
1613.    The Muy Bueno Shuffle by BJ Bueno
1614.    The Odd Card by Lennart Green
1615.    The One by Alberto de Figueiredo
1616.    The One by Anthony Stan
1617.    The One Handed Top Palm by Brian Brushwood
1618.    The One-Card EP by Kevin Ho
1619.    The Open Prediction by Matt Johnson
1620.    The Pass by Xavior Spade
1621.    The Poker Test 2.0 by Eric Casey
1622.    The Pole Change by Braden Pole
1623.    The Prace Rise by Jeff Prace
1624.    The Premier Control by Lloyd Barnes
1625.    The Reputation Maker by Harry Robson & Matthew Wright
1626.    The Revolution by Lee Ang Hsuan
1627.    The Riot Collection by Peter McKinnon
1628.    The Rising by Aaron Fisher
1629.    The Rising by Nicholas Lawrence
1630.    The Rising Card by Howard Hamburg
1631.    The Rough & Smooth Project by Lawrence Turner
1632.    The RPM Control by Bulla Lepen
1633.    The Safe by AT Duy
1634.    The Scarlet Utility by Lloyd Barnes
1635.    The Seattle Sessions by Jack Carpenter
1636.    The Second Deal by Alex Pandrea
1637.    The Secret Sessions Vol 1-5 by Edward Marlo
1638.    The Secret Weapon by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1639.    The Seer by Mark Calabrese
1640.    The Session 2007 by Alakazam Magic
1641.    The Seventh Floor by Aldo Colombini
1642.    The Shark by Christopher Ballinger
1643.    The Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation by Jeff Sheridan
1644.    The Sick Control Trilogy by Justin Miller
1645.    The Side Change by Hugo Luccioni
1646.    The Side Steal by Brian Brushwood
1647.    The Side Steal Declassified by Paul Cummins
1648.    The Snap Change by Michael Hankins
1649.    The Swing Change by Daniel Madison
1650.    The Synchronicity by Mark Paul
1651.    The Top Stock Control #2 by Johannes Maussner
1652.    The Touch by Robert Moreland
1653.    The Trilby Deck by Liam Montier
1654.    The Trilogy Vol 1 by Dan & Dave
1655.    The Trilogy Vol 3 by Dan & Dave
1656.    The Trojan Horse by Steven Himmel
1657.    The Ultimate Card Through Window by Eric James
1658.    The Unreal Work 2 by Paul Wilson & Jason England
1659.    The Unshuffling Shuffle Plus by Kiko Pastur
1660.    The Unusual Suspect by Matthew Wright
1661.    The V Deck by Peter Nardi & Alakazam Magic
1662.    The Vader Wallet by Matthew Wright
1663.    The Vintage Holdout by Zach Muller & Micheal Stern
1664.    The Wall by Chad Long
1665.    The Way of Shinobi by Emran Riaz
1666.    The Whisk Change by Ho Yeung Daniel Tse
1667.    The Winning Hand by Rick Lax
1668.    The Womb Change by Noel Heath
1669.    The Worker Part 1 by Adam Wilber
1670.    The Worker Part 2 by Adam Wilber
1671.    The Working Man by Adam Wilber
1672.    The Works by Steve Dobson
1673.    The Wrong Path by Justin Miller
1674.    The Yanagida System by Shoot Ogawa
1675.    The Zarrow Shuffle by Jason England
1676.    Thetalia by Ian Rowland
1677.    Thick Card Project by Liam Montier
1678.    Think & Sync by John Carey
1679.    Think by Shin Lim
1680.    Think Stop by Paul Wilson
1681.    Thinking Inside the Box by Kyle Purnell
1682.    Thinking on Sleights by Tony Chang
1683.    Thought & Found by Dani DaOrtiz
1684.    Thought Card to the Wallet by Dani Daortiz
1685.    Thoughtless by Peter Nardi
1686.    Thoughts on Cards by Larry Jennings
1687.    Three Kinds of Amazing by Jed Smith
1688.    Three Miracles by Luis Otero
1689.    Three Things by Daniel Madison
1690.    Three Way by Wei Ding
1691.    Threek by Bizzaro
1692.    Thricycle by Zach Mueller
1693.    Throw by Luke Jermay
1694.    Trabajando en Casa by Dani DaOrtiz
1695.    Trace by Will Tsai
1696.    Transcendence by Peter Pellikaan
1697.    Transfuze by Peter Eggink
1698.    Translucent by Barbu Nitelea
1699.    Transparent Deck by Ernesto Melero
1700.    Transporter by Joshua Jay
1701.    Transposition Aces by Chad Long
1702.    Trap by Alex Pandrea
1703.    Travel by Mickael Chatelain
1704.    Travel K by Creative Artists
1705.    Tremble by Magician Anonymous
1706.    Tres Pass by Lee Asher
1707.    Trespassing by Smagic Productions
1708.    Trey by JT Sexton
1709.    Triad by Bill Goodwin
1710.    Triage by Danny Weiser & Shin Lim Presents
1711.    Trick Cyclist by Andrew Normansell & Alakazam
1712.    Trick Soup by Gary Jones & Chris Congreave
1713.    Trilogy Extreme by Brian Caswell & Alakazam Magic
1714.    Trilogy Streamline by Brian Caswell
1715.    Trip Rip by Rian Lehman & Sensor Magic
1716.    Triple C by Christian Engblom
1717.    Triple Cask Triumph by Elliott Terral
1718.    Triple Decker by Eric Goldfarb
1719.    Triple False Shift by Paul Wilson
1720.    Triple Intuicion by Dani DaOrtiz
1721.    Triple Lindy by Mike Hankins
1722.    Triple Rising by Jean Pierre Vallarino
1723.    Triple Shuffle by Joel Paschall
1724.    TripTricks by Yoann
1725.    Triumph & Triumph Again by Asi Wind
1726.    Triumph Deck by Simon Lovell
1727.    Triumph v.136 by Ben Train
1728.    Trixel by Valdemar Gestur
1729.    Trucos con Cartas Oficial: Episodio 1 - Gravity Control
1730.    Trucos con Cartas: Cambio de Color Real
1731.    True Astonishment Vol 1-8 by Paul Harris
1732.    True Love by Oz Pearlman
1733.    Truffle Shuffle by Derek DelGaudio

1734.    Ultimate Backflip by Jeremy Pei
1735.    Ultimate Card in Bottle by Maya Issey
1736.    Ultimate Card Sessions Vol 1 by A-1 MagicalMedia
1737.    Ultimate Card Sessions Vol 2 by A-1 MagicalMedia
1738.    Ultimate Card Sessions Vol 3 by A-1 MagicalMedia
1739.    Ultimate Card Sessions Vol 4 by A-1 MagicalMedia
1740.    Ultimate Cards Across by Nick Lewin
1741.    Ultimate Hold 'Em by Jack Carpenter
1742.    Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic by Cameron Francis
1743.    Ultimate McDonald Aces by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1744.    Ultimate Oil & Water by Anthony Owen
1745.    Ultimate Oil & Water Collection by Nguyen Quang Teo
1746.    Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 1-3 by Big Blind Media
1747.    Ultimate Wild Card by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1748.    Ultimate Work by Tony Giorgio
1749.    Ultra Card Magic by Lennart Green
1750.    Ultragaff Deck by Ellusionist
1751.    Unbelievalope by Jeff Kaylor
1752.    Unbound: Gimmickless Invisible by Darryl Davis
1753.    Unbroken by Cody Nottingham
1754.    Unconventional Card Stack by Justin Miller
1755.    Under Control by Luke Dancy
1756.    Under the Bridge by Kiko Pastur
1757.    Under Wraps by Mark Mason
1758.    Undercover Switch by Kostya Kimlat
1759.    Underneath by Arnel Renegado
1760.    Undo Shuffle by David Gonzalez
1761.    Unexpected Upjog by Doc Docherty
1762.    Unity by Lewis Le Val
1763.    Unknown Cards by Magic Makers
1764.    Unleash by Alexander Kolle
1765.    Unlink by Jordan Victoria
1766.    Unload by Anthony Stan
1767.    Unmemorized Deck by Marcelo Insua
1768.    Uno by Darryl Davis & Daryl Williams
1769.    Unorthodox Reset by Daniel Chard
1770.    Unreal by Joshua Jay
1771.    Unreal Sessions Episode 1 by Paul Wilson
1772.    Unreal Sessions Episode 10 by Paul Wilson
1773.    Unreal Sessions episode 2
1774.    Unreal Sessions Episode 4 by Paul Wilson
1775.    Unreal Sessions Episode 5 by Paul Wilson
1776.    Unreal Sessions Episode 6 by Paul Wilson
1777.    Unreal Sessions Episode 7 by Paul Wilson
1778.    Unreal Sessions Episode 8 by Paul Wilson
1779.    Unreal Sessions Episode 9 by Paul Wilson
1780.    UnRipped by Gared Crawford
1781.    Unshuffled by Anton James
1782.    Unshuffling the Faro Shuffle by Paul Gertner
1783.    Unsighted by Finix Chan & Skymember
1784.    Untouchables by Ryan Schlutz & Jeff Pierce
1785.    UnTucked by Chris Annable
1786.    Unwritten by Lyndon Jugalbot
1787.    Up Levitation 3.0 by Michael Boden & Troy Hooser
1788.    Upgrade by Danny Weiser
1789.    Upper Hand by Gary Jones & Chris Congreave
1790.    Urban Station Assembly by Creative Artists
1791.    Utopia by Dani DaOrtiz
1792.    Uzumaki by Dan & Dave

1793.    V2F by G
1794.    Vanishing Joon by Chris Mayhew
1795.    VCM by Eric Chien
1796.    VCR Change by Apollo Robbins
1797.    VDP by John Van Der Put
1798.    Vector by Patrick Kun
1799.    Vegas Aces by Cody Fisher
1800.    Velocity High Caliber Card Throwing System by Rick Smith
1801.    Ventana by John Stathakis
1802.    Venus Trap by Chris Brown
1803.    Vernon One-Hand Table Shuffle by Dan & Dave
1804.    Versatile Monte & Beyond Allen
1805.    Viaje Cristalino by Juan Manuel Marcos
1806.    Vibe by Bob Solari
1807.    Vibgyor by Aarsh Shah & Piklumagic
1808.    Vibration by Justin Miller
1809.    Victoria by Zach Mueller
1810.    Villain by Daniel Madison
1811.    Vinculo by Alberto De Figueiredo
1812.    Violin by Daniel Chard
1813.    Vision Box by Joao Miranda
1814.    Vision by Mickael Chatelain
1815.    Visual Madness 2 by Creative Artists
1816.    Visual Madness by Nguyen Ngoc Tu
1817.    Voices by Jeff Prace
1818.    Void by Agus Tjiu
1819.    Void by Skulkor
1820.    Volume One by Justin Higham
1821.    Volume Two by Justin Higham
1822.    Vortex by Dan Harlan

1823.    W.A.L.C. by John Bendewald
1824.    Walk on the Wild Side by Dan Harlan
1825.    Wallet Weapon by Lloyd Barnes
1826.    Warp One by David Jenkins
1827.    Watcher by Mickael Chatelain
1828.    Water Logged by Mark Zellinger
1829.    Watermark by Mathieu Bich
1830.    Wave Thru by Dynamite
1831.    Wavelength by Manu Jo
1832.    Weak by Perseus Arkomanis
1833.    Weapons of the Card Shark Vol 1 by Jeff Wessmiller
1834.    Wedge by Jesse Feinberg
1835.    WeFlex Change by Lance Pierce
1836.    When by SaysevenT
1837.    Whiplash by Josh Janousky
1838.    Whiskey Move by Gianni Vox
1839.    White Album by Shoot Ogawa
1840.    White Bikes by Paul Richards
1841.    Whole Thing by Chris Mayhew
1842.    Wicked World of Liam Montier by Liam Montier
1843.    Wild Cards by Faustino Palmero
1844.    Window by David Stone
1845.    Window Pain by Blake Vogt
1846.    Window Pro by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
1847.    Wine Control by Alexandre Wilmes
1848.    Witness by Lee Asher
1849.    Without this World by Kiko Pastur
1850.    Woodyland by Woody Aragon & Luis De Matos (Disc 1)
1851.    Woodyland by Woody Aragon & Luis De Matos (Disc 2)
1852.    Woodyland by Woody Aragon & Luis De Matos (Disc 3)
1853.    Woodyland by Woody Aragon & Luis De Matos (Disc 4)
1854.    Worlds Greatest Magic -   Master Card Technique Vol 1-3
1855.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Last Word on Three Card Monte
1856.    Worlds Greatest Magic - MacDonald's Aces
1857.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Out of This World
1858.    Worlds Greatest Magic - The Ambitious Card
1859.    Wrath Deck by Shin Lim
1860.    Wreck by Daniel Madison
1861.    WTF by Jamie Allen
1862.    Wyper by Chris Annable

1863.    X Change by Julio Montoro
1864.    X-Act by Mike Kirby
1865.    Xpresso by Andrew Normansell
1866.    X-Tension by Alexander Kolle
1867.    Xtreme Beginnerz by Devo123

1868.    YAMFACAAN by Paul Wilson
1869.    Yaya by Jesse Feinberg
1870.    Yoqueen by Yoann
1871.    You & I by Rafael Benatar
1872.    Young Spirit by Lucas Bessonneau
1873.    YYZ Control by Lloyd Barnes

1874.    Z by Steve Reynolds
1875.    Zarrow Shuffle & More by Brad Burt
1876.    Zen by Luke Dancy
1877.    Zenith by David Stone
1878.    Zero Set by Limin
1879.    Zinger by Rian Lehman
1880.    Zipped by Steven Himmel
1881.    Zodiac Prediction by Liam Montier


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