Mentalism & Hypnosis

1.       [S]Witch by Julien L
2.       Access by Rizki Nanda & Skymember
3.       Achromatic Prediction by Nefesch
4.       Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski
5.       After Dark by Matt Johnson
6.       Akkelian Envelopes by Spidey
7.       All Seeing Eye by Dan Harlan
8.       Anything by Ben Williams
9.       AOK by Lewis Le Val
10.     Arcanum by Enrico & Valerio Messa
11.     Astronomical by Peter Turner
12.     ATM by Michael Murray
13.     Audacious 3: Bi-Fold Mentalism by Abhinav Bothra
14.     AWE Struck by Adam Elbaum
15.     Babel by Chris Philpott
16.     Basic Palm Reading by Bill Perron
17.     B'Cards by Pablo Amira
18.     Between 3 Minds  by Jay Lavli, Liam Gold & Itamar Weisz
19.     Billet Killers by Bob Cassidy
20.     Blackmail by Bobby Motta & Peter McKinnon
21.     BlackOut by Nefesch
22.     Block by Dee Christopher
23.     Boondock Mental by Nathan Kranzo
24.     Burnt by Parlin Lay
25.     B'Wave Deluxe by Max Maven
26.     Cabaret Mindreading by Ted Lesley
27.     Calendar by Rick Lax
28.     Cartomancy by Luke Jermay (Complete Edition)
29.     Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows
30.     CIA  by Magick Balay & The Blue Crown
31.     Clip by Taiwan Ben
32.     Close Call by Rick Lax
33.     Confabulation by Alan Shaxon
34.     Connected by Paul Stockman
35.     Conscious Magic Episode 2 by Ran Pink & Andrew Gerard
36.     Controle by Mickael Chatelain
37.     Curso Avanzado de Hipnosis by Dany el Rapido
38.     Curso Básico de Hipnosis by Dany el Rapido
39.     Curso de Hipnosis by Dany el Rapido
40.     Curveball by Oz Pearlman
41.     Chair Test by Paul Romhany
42.     Challenge Magic by Richard Osterlind
43.     Charmed by Lewis Le Val
44.     Chess Guess by Chris Ramsay
45.     Chi Touch by Christopher Taylor
46.     D.O.A by Morgan Strebler
47.     Dark Arts by Matt Mello
48.     DAT Challenge Duplication by Jakob Smith
49.     Decisions Yes/No by Mozique
50.     Delusion by Alexander Marsh
51.     Deranged by Jay Sankey
52.     Description by Patrick Redford
53.     Determination by Federico Poeymiro
54.     Dice Man by Andy Nyman
55.     Disintigration by Spidey & PL Bergeron
56.     Double Feature: Prophecy Voice & Cellular Oracle by Patrick Redford
57.     Dr. Zener's Test Re-opened by Justin Miller
58.     Dream Pad by João Miranda
59.     Dream Prediction by Paul Romhany
60.     Droid Breaker by Justin Miller
61.     E5P by Pablo Amira
62.     Easy to Master Mental Miracles Vol 1 by Richard Osterlind
63.     Eerie by Richard Osterlind
64.     Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Docc Hilford
65.     Enigma Pad by Paul Romhany
66.     Episode 2: Name Divinations by Fraser Parker
67.     ESP By The Numbers by John Bannon
68.     Exploring Magical Presentation by Eugene Burger
69.     Fair Play by Steve Haynes
70.     FALL by Banachek & Philip Ryan
71.     Fate by Geraint Clarke
72.     Final Destination by Dalton Wayne
73.     Firestarter by Jay Sankey
74.     Fixed Fate by Cameron Francis
75.     Flirtic Vol 6 by Ryan Dux
76.     Focus by Justin Miller
77.     Free Prediction by Nader Medhat
78.     Freeform Mentalism Volume 1 by Peter Turner
79.     Freeform Mentalism Volume 2 by Peter Turner
80.     French Postcards by Chris Philpott
81.     Fundamentalism by David Eldridge
82.     Get Nyman by Andy Nyman
83.     Glance by Steve Thompson
84.     GPS 2.0 by Chris Funk
85.     Grips Lines & Looks  by Marc Oberon
86.     Guaranteed Prediction by Mike Pisciotta
87.     Gidrah by Dan Huffman
88.     HACAAN by Honey
89.     Hampton Falls by Tony Chris
90.     Hands Down by The Other Brothers
91.     Hanussen's Demise by Scott Creasey
92.     Hatline Prediction by Michael O'Brien
93.     Headline Prediction by Banachek
94.     Heirloom by Alakazam Magic
95.     Hemispheres by Jay Sankey
96.     Hide the Colored Ball by Chris Rawlins
97.     Hipnosis by Jeva
98.     HPad by Henri Beaumont
99.     Hypno-No by Scott Xavier
100.  Hypnopush by Anthem Flint
101.  Hypnose by Jose Balsamo
102.  Hypnosis Academy 360 (6 Dvds)
103.  Hypnosis Installed by Jonathan Chase
104.  Ice Cold by Morgan Strebler
105.  ID100 by Rick Lax & Diamond Jim Tyler
106.  ID7 by Rick Lax
107.  iMind by Pablo Amira
108.  Impossible Envelope by Paul Stockman
109.  In & Out by Luca Volpe
110.  In Case of ESP by Max Maven
111.  In My Mind by Luca Volpe & Titanas
112.  Inductions by Ravi Mayar
113.  Instant Knockout by Shaun Dunn & Matt Mello
114.  Instantaneous  Obedience (Pro Pack ) by Docc Hilford
115.  InstaPsychic by Pablo Amira
116.  Into the Abyss by Oz Pearlman
117.  iShape by Ilyas Seisov
118.  Javelin by Wayne Dobson
119.  Jazz Mentalism by David Humphrey
120.  Jermay's Mind by Luke Jermay vol 4
121.  Jermay's Mind Vol 1 by Luke Jermay
122.  Jermay's Mind Vol 2 by Luke Jermay
123.  Jermay's Mind Vol 3 by Luke Jermay
124.  Jibaku by Parlin Lay
125.  Jinxed by Peter Turner
126.  Kayfabe by Max Maven & Luis De Matos
127.  Kirigami by Max Maven
128.  Kodama Pad by Matt Pulsar & Luca Volpe Productions
129.  Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper
130.  Konnected by Morgan Strebler
131.  Lacuna by Brandon Queen
132.  Leading Thoughts by Chris Rawlins
133.  Legend Continues by Justin Miller
134.  Legendary by Justin Miller
135.  Liquid Killer by Morgan Strebler
136.  Liquid Metal 2 by Morgan Strebler
137.  Love Tale by Matt Pilcher
138.  Loyalty by Paul Brook
139.  Lunch Date by Paul Romhany
140.  M.P.H. by Joshua Jordan
141.  Magic & Madness by Sean Heydon
142.  Making Mind Reading Look Real by Luke Jermay
143.  Master Color Prediction by Max Vellucci
144.  Matahati by Parlin Lay
145.  Meet the Jack by Jorge Garcia
146.  Mental Epic Pad by Marc Oberon
147.  Mentalism 2 by Dan Bond
148.  Mentalism Fundamentals by Fraser Parker
149.  Mentalismo a la Carta by Gran Henry
150.  Mentalities by Stefan Olschewski
151.  Mind Card 2.0 by Catanzarito
152.  Mind Eraser by Joe Brogie
153.  Mind Mysteries Vol 1-4 by Richard Osterlind
154.  Mind Over Metal by Menny Lindenfeld
155.  Mind to Matter by Rick Lax
156.  Mindbender Card Bend by Ellusionist
157.  Miracle Prediction Chest by Hand Crafted Miracles
158.  Miracles of the Mind by T.A Waters
159.  Mitos by Parlin Lay
160.  Modern Mentalism Vol 1 by Matt Mello
161.  Modern Mentalism Vol 2 by Matt Mello
162.  Multiplicity by Max Maven
163.  Mystica by Luca Volpe
164.  Nailed by Dee Christopher
165.  Name & Place by Bob Cassidy
166.  Narcissus by Chris Philpott
167.  Ninja de la Magia Vol 6 by Agustin Tash
168.  No Batteries Required by Christopher Taylor
169.  Nothing by Max Maven
170.  Nu Collection by Alain Nu
171.  Oculus by Brandon Queen
172.  Opus by Nefesch
173.  Organic Choice by Ryan Stock
174.  Oscar Prediction 2015 by Chris Philpott
175.  Osterlind's 13 Steps to Mentalism by Richard Osterlind (4 Dvds)
176.  OX Bender by Menny Lindenfeld
177.  Pantheon by Chris Philpott
178.  Paper Cut - Recharge by Arteco Production
179.  Paper Cut by Arteco
180.  Paper Scissors Rock by Magic Man
181.  Password Protected by Bryan Miles
182.  Past Present Future by Rick Lax
183.  Peeky Blinder by Lewis Le Val
184.  Personal Touch by Docc Hilford
185.  Peter Turners Weekly Ramble Episode Two : Billets by Peter Turner
186.  Playing with Your Minds by Tony Montana
187.  Pocket Technicolor Prediction by Martin Lewis
188.  Postradamus by Chris Congreave
189.  Power Word: Fall by Matt Sconce
190.  Premise & Premonition Vol 4 by Luke Jermay
191.  Presage by Ethan Zack & Michael Blau
192.  Prevaricator by Patrick Redford
193.  Priceless by Michel Huot & Richard Sanders
194.  Pro Board by Anton James
195.  Profit by Matt Mello
196.  PSE by Ryan Dux
197.  Psyche by Peter Turner
198.  Psychic Criminal by Chris Rawlins
199.  Psychokinetic Silverware by Gerry & Banachek
200.  Psypher by Robert Smith
201.  Pulse Rate by Matt Mello
202.  Phantom by Spidey
203.  Photo Psychology by 808 Magic
204.  Q&A Evolution by Scott Creasey
205.  Q&A Masterclass by Bob Cassidy
206.  Quarterly Report by Rick Lax
207.  Rapture by Fraser Parker
208.  Reality is Plastic by Anthony Jacquin
209.  Remember Me by Colin McLeod
210.  Retina by Looch
211.  Reveal by Christopher Rawlins
212.  Reverse Psychology by Rick Lax
213.  Revolving Center Tear by Scott Alexander
214.  Rhine's Dice by Matt Mello
215.  Rhine's Revenge by Clint Barron
216.  Risk by Francesco Tesei
217.  Rock, Paper & Lies by Jay Di Biase
218.  Rubik Predicted by Mark Elsdon
219.  Sapphire Collection Volume 1 by Richard Osterlind
220.  Sapphire Collection Volume 2 by Richard Osterlind
221.  Secrets of Pickpocketing by James Brown & Daniele Sicorace
222.  Senti-Mentalism by Luca Volpe & Titanas Magic
223.  Shadow Peek by Pablo Amira
224.  Sheer Luck - The Comedy Book Test by Shawn Farquhar
225.  Sherlockian by Ben Cardall & Titanas
226.  Shredder by Spidey
227.  Silent Control by Rick Lax & Alan Wong
228.  Simplimental by Mark Elsdon
229.  Sixth Sense 2.5 by Hugo Shelley
230.  Slate Killers by Bob Cassidy
231.  Sneak Peak by Spidey
232.  Social Mind by Nefesch
233.  Some Things (Bowl of Wisdom) by Luke Jeremy
234.  Some Things Part 1-3 by Luke Jermay
235.  Soul Paper by Rick Lax
236.  Speakeasy by Dan Harlan
237.  Speechless by Brandon Queen
238.  Spin by Matthew Sconce
239.  Spit by Scott Creasey
240.  Standing Walkers by Zakris
241.  Stapled by Dee Christopher
242.  Starstruck by Sean Goodman
243.  Steam 2.0 by Ali Nouira
244.  Steel by Rasmus
245.  Stegosaurus by Phil Smith
246.  STEM System by Peter Turner vol 1
247.  STEM System by Peter Turner vol 2
248.  Submodalities by Michael Murray
249.  Super Cool Night Shades by Eric Ross
250.  Surrounded by Lewis Le Val
251.  SvenPad Supreme by Brett Barry
252.  Sweet by Matthew Johnson
253.  Symbol by Steve Cook
254.  Take Note by Seamus Maguire presented by Atlas Brookings
255.  Tarino by Andreas Dante
256.  Technique by Matthew Mello
257.  Tequila Hustler Deluxe by Mark Elsdon, Peter Turner, Colin McLeod & Michael Murray
258.  Til Death Do Us Part by Jim Critchlow
259.  Token by Paul Richards
260.  Tome by Sean Fields
261.  Torque by Chris Stevenson & World Magic Shop
262.  Total Control by Matt Mello
263.  Totally Awe-Sum Close-Up by Scott Creasey
264.  T-Rex by Ran Pink
265.  The 100th Monkey by Chris Philpott
266.  The Art of Equivoque by Hector Chadwick
267.  The Article by Looch
268.  The Black Project by Looch
269.  The Blind Third Eye by Peter Turner
270.  The Code by Andy Nyman
271.  The Cursed by Parlin Lay
272.  The Chapters of Marc Spelmann by Marc Spelmann
273.  The Devil in Disguise by Peter Turner
274.  The DIY i-Pad by Scott Creasey
275.  The Experience by Peter Turner
276.  The Force by Steven X
277.  The Ghost by Paul Nardini
278.  The Imaginary Ball by Matt Mello
279.  The Imaginary Object by Matt Mello
280.  The Influencer by Lewis Le Val
281.  The Informant by Bobby Motta
282.  The Informer by Lloyd Mobley
283.  The Justice Pad by Charlie Justice
284.  The Line Up by Christopher Taylor
285.  The Manchurian Approach by Anthony Jacquin
286.  The Note by Docc Hilford
287.  The Piddington's Quandary by Scott Creasey
288.  The Scryer Project by Andrew Gerard
289.  The Subliminal Game by Jay Di Biase
290.  The Torce Force by Jamie Daws
291.  The Trilby Connection by Anthony Jacquin
292.  The Vault by Docc Hilford (Disc 1)
293.  The Vault by Docc Hilford (Disc 2)
294.  Think Pink Complete by Ran Pink
295.  This is Mentalism 2 by Richard Ferguson
296.  This is Mentalism by Rich Ferguson
297.  Thought Jump by Patrick Redford
298.  Thought Wave by Gary Jones
299.  Transcript by Spidey
300.  Travel in Mind by Steve Cook
301.  Triple Flip by Rick Lax
302.  True Mysteries by Fraser Parker & 1914
303.  Ultimate Mentalism by Karllos Della Re
304.  Ultimate Networking Tool by Jeff Kaylor & Anton James
305.  Undiscovered Wonder by Mel Mellers
306.  Unexpected by Marc Spelmann & Peter Nardi
307.  Unfazed by Ben Blau
308.  Universal Peek Device (UPD) by Alan Wong & Pablo Amira
309.  Unlimited by Banachek
310.  Username by Nefesch
311.  Vertigo Prediction by Rodrigo Romano
312.  Very Fair by The Other Brothers
313.  Videomind Vol 1-3 by Max Maven
314.  Vision by Sean Goodman
315.  Visions by Marc Salem
316.  Volition by Steve Cook
317.  Way Out XII by Marc Oberon
318.  Waynes Exchange by Wayne Dobson
319.  What Am I Thinking? by Marc Spelmann
320.  Where in The World by Mark Mason
321.  Will to Read by Steve Dela
322.  Wordsmyth by Francis Menotti
323.  Worlds Greatest Magic - Metal Bending
324.  Xposed Mentalism by Carroll Baker
325.  X-Ray by Rasmus
326.  Your Thoughts Are Mine by Looch
327.  ZAP by Hon Wong & Gordon Fang-Wong
328.  Zener Magic Trick (APK)
329.  Zodiac - The Ultimate Book Test by Theory11

330.  Zodino by Andreas Dante


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