Other & General Magic

1.       List Secrets by Jay Sankey
2.       1% by Yu Ho Jin
3.       1,2 Jump by Gregor Mann
4.       10 Years Of Steve Spill by Steve Spill
5.       2016 AMA Championship Korea
6.       22 Blows to the Head by Jay Sankey
7.       3 by Eric Ross
8.       3 in 1 Skeleton Key by Jieli Magic
9.       3 Ropes & 1000 Laughs by Cody Fisher
10.     30 Tricks Tips with Magic Sponge Balls by Eddy Ray
11.     45 by Jay Sankey
12.     4th Dimension by Zeki
13.     52 Gone by Nate Kranzo

14.     A Magical Vision by Eugene Burger
15.     A Marked Man by Bizzaro
16.     A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin
17.     A1 Magical Media All Stars Vol 1-4 by Various Artists
18.     A1 Magical Media All Stars Vol 5 by Various Artists
19.     Aberdeen Thread by James Dickson
20.     Above Top Secret by John T. Sheets
21.     Absolutely Nuts by Bob Sheets
22.     Acrobatic Knot by Daryl
23.     Addict by Edo
24.     Alex Elmsley Lecture
25.     AM/PM by Jonathan Price & Alex Pandrea
26.     Amazebox by Mark Shortland
27.     Ambitious Finger by Mario Lopez
28.     Amilkar by Amilkar
29.     Animated Gum by Nathan Kranzo
30.     Antigravity by James Paul
31.     Any Card App by K52
32.     Apple 2 Phone by Jordan Gomez
33.     Aphorism by Secret of Magic
34.     Arbey Plus by Adolfo Masyebra
35.     Aroma by Hondo & Magic Soul
36.     Aroma by Hondo Chen
37.     Arrow Through Bottle & Coin by Fairmagic's Mystery Solved
38.     Art of Magic by Wayne Houchin
39.     Art of Metal Bending by Menny Lindenfeld
40.     Artist Classic by Lukas
41.     Artist System by Lukas
42.     Artist Visual Manipulation by Lukas
43.     As I Recall by Tony Slydini (Disc 1)
44.     As I Recall by Tony Slydini (Disc 2)
45.     Ash Paper by The Other Brothers
46.     Asia Lecture Tour 2.0 by Alex Pandrea & Patrick Kun
47.     Astonishing Bottle by João Miranda & Ramon Amaral
48.     Attachment by Brad Addams
49.     Attire by Roddy McGhie & Danny Weiser
50.     AUCAAUN by Scott Creasey
51.     Automata 3 by Gary Jones & Dave Forrest
52.     Awaken by Agustin

53.     Badge by Alexis de la Fuente & Sebastien Calbry
54.     Ball Boy by Lee Myung Joon
55.     Ball Magic by Jordan Gomez
56.     Baller by JT Chalatsis
57.     Balls by Rand Woodbury
58.     Banded by Garrett Thomas
59.     Bandito by Alex Pandrea
60.     Bar Magic by Toto
61.     Baraja Siamesa by Woody Aragon
62.     Bare by The Other Brothers
63.     Bathrobe Costume Change by Adrian Soler
64.     Beam Ring Flight by Kevin Parker
65.     Bent by Bob Solari
66.     Bent Touch Slink by Daniel Garcia
67.     Bently by Chris Hanowell
68.     Best Ever Knots Off Silk by Jeff McBride
69.     Best of Ascanio Seminar Paris 1995 by Arturo de Ascanio
70.     Best of Sanvert Vol 1 by Jean Jacques Sanvert
71.     Best of Sanvert Vol 2 by Jean Jacques Sanvert
72.     Best of Sanvert Vol 3 by Jean Jacques Sanvert
73.     Best of Sanvert Vol 4 by Jean Jacques Sanvert
74.     Big Bang by Chris Smith
75.     Bill Fold by Alan Rorrison
76.     Bill to Marker by Nicholas Einhorn
77.     Billiard Balls by Shoot Ogawa
78.     BioKinesis by Berk Eratay
79.     Birthday Party Mania Vol 2 by Tommy James
80.     Blackpool Magicians Club 2006
81.     Blacksmith by Tim Trono & Rick Lax
82.     Blake by Anthony Blake
83.     Blake by Anthony Blake
84.     Blaze by Thinking Paradox
85.     Blindfoil by Patrik Kuffs
86.     Bloon 2.0 by Magic Smith
87.     Blower by Jordan Gomez
88.     BMagic Live by Ben Ludmer
89.     Bond by Thinking Paradox
90.     Booked by Steve Valentine
91.     Boris the Magic Spider by Ian Pidgeon
92.     Born by Bond Lee
93.     Bottle Magic 2.0 by Hoang Sam
94.     Bottle Magic by Ninh
95.     Bottled by Taiwan Ben
96.     Bottled Up by Sachin K.M
97.     Bowl A Rama by Kevin James
98.     Box by Eric Jones & Sinbad Max
99.     Box Flip by Dave Forrest
100.  Box Ninety-Eight by Hand Crafted Miracles
101.  Bravura by Paul Daniels
102.  Bravura by Paul Daniels
103.  Breach by Jeremy Bennett
104.  Break Music by Alvaro Rubio
105.  Breaking Point by Johannes Mengel
106.  Breakthrough by Johannes Mengel
107.  Building Your Own Illusions by Gerry Frenette
108.  Bullet by Justin Miller
109.  Burn Notice by Christopher Wiehl
110.  Burn Notice by Takel
111.  Burned Vision by Mark Melchor & Justin Miller
112.  Burning Up by Nathan Kranzo
113.  Business Card Cardiographic by Brian Curry
114.  Butterfly Blizzard by Jeff McBride
115.  Butterfly by Bruno Copin
116.  Butterfly Ring by Barbu Nitelea

117.  Camera Tricks  by Casshan Wallace
118.  Cansposed by Carl Leek
119.  Cap by Byron Leung
120.  Captive by Jimmy Strange
121.  Capture by Justin Miller
122.  Capture by Luke Dancy
123.  Card Now by Halskov
124.  Card2Phone by Halskov
125.  Catapult by Brian Platt
126.  Catch by Ben Seidman
127.  Cat's Paw by Daniel Madison
128.  CD Magic Vol 1 by Jordan Gomez
129.  CD Magic Vol 2 by Jordan Gomez
130.  Celebri-tie by Hugo Valenzuela
131.  Cell-Spension by Justin Miller
132.  Center Stage by John Guastaferro
133.  Cigarettes by Les French Twins
134.  Cigatration by Chris Westfall
135.  Circuit by Zach Heath
136.  Clarity Box by David Regal
137.  Clear Cubilets by Antonio Romero
138.  Clear Choice by Thinking Paradox
139.  Clench by Calen Morelli
140.  Click by Valdemar Gestur & Patrick Kun
141.  Cliptism II by Arnel Renegado
142.  Clone by JC Rodarte
143.  Clonk 3 by Roman Garcia & Martin Andersen
144.  Close Call Ebook & Video by Looch
145.  Close-Up Party by Magic Julian
146.  Cloud 9 by CIGMA Magic
147.  CMR Lecture by Jerome Finley
148.  Cobra Kiss by Hondo
149.  Code Breaker by Michael Murray & Gregory Wilson
150.  Codino by Andreas Dantes
151.  Coffee Break by Gregory Wilson
152.  Coffee Cup by Mariano Goni
153.  Coffee House Conjuring by Gregory Wilson
154.  Cohesive by Kevin Li
155.  Coin in Phone Magic by Sandroids
156.  Coin2Phone by Chris Petersen
157.  Collective EP by Eric Jones
158.  Color Blind by Justin Miller
159.  Color Changing / Vanishing CD by JL Magic
160.  Color Changing Pen by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
161.  Colour Changing Shoelace by Dynamo
162.  Combustion by Arron Jones
163.  Comic Magic by Uno & Medio
164.  Complete Course in Dove Magic by Greg Frewin
165.  Complete Course in Magic with Cups & Balls by Eddy Ray
166.  Complete Cups & Balls Vol 1-2 by Michael Ammar
167.  Complete Guide to the Impossible Foldings by Ralf Rudolph
168.  Cone & Ball Lecture by Jeki Yoo
169.  Confab-shoe-lation by Richard Bellars
170.  Conference of Mentalism & Close Up Magic by The Great Bronzini
171.  Conjuring Cola Vol 1 by Nicholas Byrd & James Coats
172.  Connection by Jon Allen
173.  Conscious Magic Episode 3 by Ran Pink & Andrew Gerard
174.  Contact by Tyas Frantz
175.  Containers & Spheres by David Williamson
176.  Cookie Cutter by Dan Sperry
177.  Crawling by Agustin
178.  Create Your Own Magic Vol 1 by Jay Sankey
179.  Create Your Own Magic Vol 2 & 3 by Jay Sankey
180.  Creative Magic by John Cornelius
181.  Credit Twist by Dalton Wayne
182.  Creepy Touch by Alessandro Criscione
183.  Cristal by Miquel Roman
184.  Crush by Eric Ross
185.  Crush by Nefesch
186.  Crystal Clear by Jay Grill
187.  Cuba A Libre
188.  Cube FX by Karl Hein & John George
189.  Cube3 by Steven Brundage
190.  Cultural Exchange by Apollo Robbins & Shoot Ogawa
191.  Cunning Stunts by Ellis & Webster
192.  Cups & Balls by Bob White
193.  Cut & Restored Rope by Tony Clark
194.  Cut 2.0 by Ran Pink
195.  Cut by Ran Pink
196.  CX by Xiang Liu
197.  Chad Long - Paris Lecture 1999
198.  Chain Breaker Thumb Tie by Dick Losander
199.  Champ by Rick Merrill
200.  Chango by Javier Benitez
201.  Chaptrick by Mark Jenest presented by Matthew Johnson
202.  Chip Tricks by Rich Ferguson
203.  Chop Glass by Alan Hudson

204.  D23 by Rian Lehman
205.  Dan & Dave 2010 Lecture
206.  Dance of the Cobra by Jean-Pier Vallarino
207.  Dancing Cane 101 by David Mann
208.  Daniel Garcia Project by Daniel Garcia (Vol 1-6)
209.  Darwin's Encyclopedia of Thumb Tip Magic by Gary Darwin
210.  David Regal in the UK
211.  David Stone - The Happy Lecture
212.  David Williamson - 2007 Southport Lecture
213.  Dazzler Effect by Jordan Gomez
214.  D'Ball App by James Laudermilk
215.  De' Ring by Devo
216.  Deceptus by Jimmy Strange
217.  Decibel by Adam Wilber
218.  Defiance by Mariano Goni
219.  Departure by Chris Smith
220.  Desert Rose by Chris Randall
221.  Detach by Rick Lax
222.  Devil Blade by Arnel Renegado
223.  Die-Namic by Martin Lewis
224.  Digi-Tac by Richard Piccone
225.  Digital Graffiti by David Peck (Disc 2)
226.  Dimension Bonus Routine by Duane Williams
227.  Dimension by Duane Williams
228.  Dingle's Deceptions by Derek Dingle
229.  Divorce by Justin Miller
230.  Double ACAAN by Creative Artists
231.  Double Cross by Mark Southworth
232.  Dove Road by Jacky & Mosushop
233.  Dove Worker  by C.Y
234.  Downfall by Dan Hauss
235.  Dragon Thread by Mike Wong
236.  Dream Journal by Rick Lax
237.  Dresscode by Calen Morelli
238.  Drivers License Transpo (DLT) by Nathan Kranzo
239.  Drop'N Project by Michael Eaton

240.  Ear Plugs Sponge by Jay Sankey
241.  Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau
242.  Easy to Master Thread Miracles Vol 1 by Michael Ammar
243.  Easy to Master Thread Miracles Vol 2 by Michael Ammar
244.  Easy to Master Thread Miracles Vol 3 by Michael Ammar
245.  Eclectica by John Carey
246.  Eden Project by Geraint Clarke
247.  Edge of Reality by Darcy Oake
248.  Educating Archer by John Archer
249.  Electric Touch by Yigal Mesika
250.  Elegant Rope Magic Vol 2 by Tabary
251.  Element Vol 1 & 2 by Kieron Johnson
252.  Elevated Dice Matrix by Nicholas Einhorn
253.  Elevator by Kyle McTavish
254.  EMC (2010-2012)
255.  Enclavor Liberator by Duraty
256.  Encyclopedia of PickPocketing by James Coats & Nicholas Byrd
257.  Encyclopedia of Sponge Balls by Ben Salinas
258.  End-for-End by Michael Feldman
259.  Envylope by Brandon David & Chris Turchi
260.  Engagement / Abandoned / Boom A Ring by Travis Askew
261.  Epic Writer by Magic World
262.  Equilibrium by Jesse Feinberg
263.  Escape Vol 1 by Danny Hunt
264.  Escape Vol 2 by Danny Hunt
265.  Escapology with Dixie Dooley Vol 1-3 by Dixie Dooley
266.  Espeltitres by Xulio Merino
267.  Espionage Wallet by Kieran Kirkland
268.  Event Horizon by Hand Crafted Miracles
269.  Everlasting Spongeballs by Eric Leclerc
270.  Evo by Liu Xiang & Lost Art Magic
271.  EVP by Alan Rorrison
272.  Exact Change by Gregory Wilson
273.  Examiner by John Graham
274.  Exchange Rate Inc by Cameron Francis
275.  Executive Clip by Chris Funk
276.  Exile by Mathieu Bich
277.  Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Vol 1 by Tom Mullica
278.  Exquisite by Michael Ammar & Losander
279.  Extra by Geraint Clarke
280.  Extreme CD Manipulation by Adrian Man
281.  Extreme Human Body Stunts by Luis de Matos

282.  Fake Pocket by Gregory Wilson
283.  Fantasy by Po Cheng Lai
284.  Fat Brothers Vol 1 by Miguel Angel Gea, Christian Engblom & Danny DaOrtiz
285.  Fat Brothers Vol 2 by Miguel Angel Gea, Christian Engblom & Danny DaOrtiz
286.  Feather by Kevin Parker
287.  Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders
288.  Fiber Optics Extended by Richard Sanders
289.  Fire Kit by Martin Braessas
290.  Firestarters by Jay Sankey
291.  First Hand by Justin Miller & Paul Harris
292.  FISM Asia Celebrate
293.  Five by Daniel Garcia & Marcus Eddie
294.  Flavoure by Julio Montoro
295.  Flesh Wound by Magic Smith
296.  Flex by Mickael Chatelain & Carlos Cardoso
297.  Flip's Truly Magical Rope Magic by Flip
298.  Floating Card Trick by Leon Mjolnir
299.  Flow by Dan Hauss
300.  Fly by Nguyen Long
301.  Flying Colors by Rajan
302.  Flying Knots by Tony Clark
303.  FOB by David Penn
304.  Food to Go by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
305.  Fooler Cigarette by Sandro Loporcaro
306.  Fooler Doolers Vol 1-3 by Daryl
307.  Forbidden by Dan Hauss
308.  Foundation by Rizki Nanda
309.  Freak by Dave Forrest
310.  Freakey by Gregory Wilson
311.  Freaky Body Illusions by Marvin Magic
312.  Frozen by Adam Grace
313.  Fruitfull by Juan Pablo
314.  Function 9 by Calen Morelli

315.  Gazzo Street Wise by Gazzo
316.  Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum
317.  Geek Magic by Thomas Medina
318.  Generous by Justin Miller
319.  Genie by Kevin Parker
320.  Gerard On Hoy by Andrew Gerard
321.  Ghost Clip by Hadi Safa'at & Rick Lax
322.  Glass Production by China Magic
323.  Goldfish Production by Kevin James
324.  Gone Fishin' by Roddy McGhie
325.  Gonzo by Jose Lac'Quest
326.  Got a Light? by Matt Wayne
327.  Gravity by Lyndon Jugalbot
328.  Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Series Vol 8 - Himber Rings
329.  Greatest Beginner Magic Dvd Ever by Oz Pearlman
330.  Gum by Jeff Prace
331.  Gumbo by Sensor Magic
332.  Gumslinger by Chris Webb
333.  Gypsy Balloon by Tony Clark
334.  Gypsy by Ian Kendall
335.  Gypsy Thread by Dan Sperry

336.  Hack by Peter Turner
337.  Half Full by Scott Alexander & Puck
338.  Halo by Brad Addams
339.  Hang 'Em High by Bob Sheets
340.  Hardcore by Jay Sankey
341.  Harlan Kids Birthday Show by Dan Harlan
342.  Hate Tic Tac by Mayank Chaubey
343.  Haunted Box by João Miranda
344.  Haunted Pad by Arnel Renegado
345.  Haunted Tictac by Arnel Renegado
346.  Healing Hearts by Mago Martin & Jansenson
347.  Heist by Jack Wise & Vanishing Inc
348.  Helix by Tom Elderfield
349.  Hellophane by Dan Huffman
350.  Here I Go Again Vol 1-3 by Bill Malone
351.  Hidden Hand by Sean Fields
352.  Hide & Seek by James Brown
353.  Hideout Wallet V2 by Outlaw Effects
354.  Horizon by Matthew Wright
355.  Hospitality by Max Francis
356.  Houdini's Last Magic Trick (Apk file for Android)
357.  Houdini's Last Magic Trick by Sandroids
358.  How to do Street Magic by Brad Christian
359.  How to Win at FISM by Soma
360.  Human Slot Machine by Quique Marduk

361.  iCandy by Lee Smith & Gary Jones
362.  Icarus Effect by Aaron Paterson
363.  Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson & Mark Traversoni
364.  iClear by Shin Lim
365.  iConic by Shin Lim
366.  iCurveball by Oz Pearlman
367.  iCharge 2.0 by Silver Wing
368.  iFlight by Bill Perkins
369.  iForce by Greg Rostami
370.  iForce by Greg Rostami
371.  IG by Josh Janousky
372.  Ignite & Surprise by Ayan Mukherjee
373.  iLink by Jay Sankey
374.  Imagine by Mareli
375.  Impossible Card Trick by Tricks Apps
376.  Impossible Penetration by Lennart Green
377.  IMS Gold Series Vol 1-25
378.  IMS Masters Series Vol 10 : Close Up Magic by Paul Wilson
379.  In & Out Rope Escape by Tony Clark
380.  In Action Vol 1-3 by Gregory Wilson
381.  In Half by Andrew Mayne
382.  Inception by Chris Randall
383.  Induction by Spidey (Disc 1)
384.  Induction by Spidey (Disc 2)
385.  Infectious by Arnel Renegado
386.  Inferno by Joshua Jay
387.  Infinity Switch by Sean Fields
388.  Influx by Tom Elderfield
389.  Inject by Greg Rostami
390.  Inside the Mind of Garrett Thomas Vol 1 by Garret Thomas
391.  Inside the Mind of Garrett Thomas Vol 2 by Garret Thomas
392.  Inside the Mind of Garrett Thomas Vol 3 by Garret Thomas
393.  InstaGrab by Patrick Kun
394.  Instinct by Matthew Mello
395.  Intercambios by Milo Milonaz
396.  Intro to Sponge Balls by Michael Dardant
397.  Invisible Deck by Informatica Mais
398.  Invisible Fish by BboyMagic
399.  Invisible Touch by Lior Manor
400.  Invisible Touches by Lior Manor
401.  iPredict Pro by Greg Rostami
402.  iPredict+ by Greg Rostami
403.  iProject by Alan Rorrison
404.  iShatter by Mathieu Bich
405.  Isolation by Peter Eggink
406.  iTattoo by Skulkor
407.  iTime Rewind by Beau Cremer

408.  Jacob's Ladder by Danny Garcia
409.  Juicy! by James Keatley
410.  Jump by Frank Zheng
411.  Jumper by Danny Weiser
412.  Jumping Bow Tie by Guan Da Wu
413.  Just a Game by Lee Jun Hyung

414.  K.O Rope by Henry Evans
415.  Karl Hein 2016 USA Lecture Tour by Karl Hein
416.  Keymaster Reloaded by Craig Petty
417.  Kid Show Konnivery by Dan Garrett
418.  Killer Prediction by Cody Fisher
419.  Kinetic by Tom Wright
420.  Kinetica by Sean Fields
421.  King Rising Levitation by Brad Christian
422.  Klapklip by Rama Yura
423.  Knock'Em Dead by Paul Wilson
424.  Kung Fu Foot by Héctor Mancha

425.  L.T.P by Hui Zhe
426.  La Magie des Oiseaux by Gerald Le Guilloux
427.  Labelled by Ben Williams
428.  Laptop Lecture by Rick Lax
429.  Lasso by Sebastien Calbry
430.  Latch by Geraint Clarke
431.  Lecture 2010 by Shoot Ogawa
432.  Lecture by Kim Hyoung Min &  Uni Kim
433.  Lecture Note 2015 by Patrick Kun
434.  Legacy by John Finn
435.  Levitation Impossible by Steve Fearson
436.  Levitator by Andrew Mayne
437.  Liberty Fingertips 2 by Eric Jones
438.  Liberty Vanish by Masuda
439.  Lift by Arnel Renegado
440.  Lightning by Peter the Adequate
441.  Link by Hui Zheng
442.  Linkey by Alan Rorrison
443.  Linking Cigarette by Akira Fujii
444.  Linking Dice by Nobuyuki Nojima
445.  Linking Laces by Paul Harris
446.  Linking Pins by Bruce Bernstein
447.  Linking Rings by Jeff McBride
448.  Linx by Alex Pandrea
449.  Liquid & Haunted by Arnel Renegado
450.  Lit by Dan Hauss & Dan White
451.  Live at 4F by David Stone
452.  Live at the Jailhouse - Guide to Restaurant Magic Vol 3
453.  Lolli Hero by Steve Rowe
454.  Loops by Yigal Mesika & Finn Jon
455.  Loops Improvised by Yigal Mesika
456.  Losander & The Original Floating Table Trick
457.  Lotto Fever 2.0 by Jamie Salinas
458.  Luke Jermay LIVE! by Luke Jermay
459.  Lunes by Mario Lopez
460.  Lynx Smoke Watch by João Miranda

461.  M.O.V by Bboymagic
462.  M5 System by Justin Miller
463.  Maelstrom: Off the Page by Tom Stone
464.  Magellan Master Levitation by Jimmy Fingers
465.  Magma by Kyle Marlett
466.  Magia En Sus Manos by Marcelo Goobar
467.  Magic ACAAN by Yu Chung Chen
468.  Magic Apps by Mikael Montier
469.  Magic Card in Mobile by Informatica Mais
470.  Magic Cigarette Packs by Hoang Sam
471.  Magic Farm by David Williamson
472.  Magic For The Short Sighted by Pipo Villanueva
473.  Magic Heaven Vol 1-7 by Akira Fujii
474.  Magic Made Simple Act 1 by Daryl
475.  Magic of Steve Dacri  - No Filler Vol 1-3 by Steve Dacri
476.  Magic Paint Poker by Lee Zhe Yu
477.  Magic School Vol 2 by Stephen Ablett
478.  Magic Spinner 2.0 by Happy & Bond Lee
479.  Magic Square by Luis De Matos
480.  Magic Square by Luke Jermay
481.  Magic Squared by Andi Gladwin
482.  Magic Trick #1 Pro by Mikael Montier
483.  Magic Trick #13 by Mikael Montier
484.  Magic with Cigarettes by Mario Lopez
485.  Magicianary Position by Aaron Jones
486.  Magikub by Federico Poeymiro
487.  Make Your Own Magic by David Tomkins
488.  Making a Living by Carl Andrews
489.  Mama Mia Magic by Aldo Colombini
490.  Manipulation Wands by Yo Kato
491.  Manipulations of Stage Magic by King Coffee
492.  Manoj Bottle by Manoj Kaushal
493.  Marco Mine Silk by Kenji Minemura
494.  Marker by William Houcke & Arteco Productions
495.  Marty App by Secret Studio
496.  Mask of Sanity by Kevin Schaller
497.  Master Course Cups & Balls by Daryl
498.  Master Course Sponge Balls Vol 1-4 by Daryl
499.  Master Levitation System by Steve Fearson
500.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 1 by Criss Angel
501.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 2 by Criss Angel
502.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 3 by Criss Angel
503.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 4 by Criss Angel
504.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 5 by Criss Angel
505.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 6 by Criss Angel
506.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 7 by Criss Angel
507.  Master Mindfreaks Vol 8 by Criss Angel
508.  Master Works by Lee Young Woo
509.  Match3s by Arie Bhojez
510.  Matches Impossible by Tony Clark
511.  Matchless by Josh Burch
512.  McStraw by Michael Kaminskas
513.  Mejunje Galactico by Yago
514.  Melt by Genteishiryo
515.  Mental Buddha by Jean Pierre Vallarino
516.  Mental Pen by João Miranda & Gustavo Sereno
517.  Mental Picture by Gee Magic
518.  Menu of Miracles Vol 2 by James Prince
519.  Menu of Miracles Vol 3 by James Prince
520.  Messado Rings by Joshua Messado
521.  Message in a Bottle by Scott Alexander & Puck
522.  Metal by Dee Christopher
523.  Meteors: Close-Up Magic by Matt Cadabra
524.  Michael Weber International Lecture 1994
525.  Minotaur the Final Issue by Dan Harlan
526.  Mintalist by Peter Eggink & Uday Jadugar
527.  Minted by Ted Bogusta
528.  Miracles While-U-Wait by Mark Jenest
529.  Mird by Verrell Axel
530.  MirrahcleMaths by Mirrah Mirrahculous
531.  MisMatch by Nick Diffatte
532.  Missing Link by Chris Kenner
533.  Mnemonicosis by Álvaro Nogueira
534.  Modern Magic by Will Houstoun
535.  Moments by Rory Adams
536.  Monster 1980 by An Ha Lim
537.  More iCandy by Lee Smith & Gary Jones
538.  Movemint by Darryl Vanamburg
539.  Moze by Iqmal Kasparovsky
540.  My Ideas Vol 1 by Fantasio
541.  My Silly Tricks by Hector Mancha
542.  Myst by Henri White
543.  Mysterious Can by Arnel Renegado
544.  Mystery Calendar by Hektor
545.  Mystery Card by Hektor

546.  Nailed It by Scott Alexander
547.  Name Game by Spidey & Rick Lax
548.  Never There by Morgan Strebler
549.  News Flash 2 by Axel Hecklau
550.  News Paper Centre Tear by Sooper
551.  Nice Breaker by Agustin
552.  Night Crawler by CF Yuen
553.  Ninja de la Magia Vol 1 by Agustin Tash
554.  Ninja de la Magia Vol 2 by Agustin Tash
555.  Ninja de la Magia Vol 3 by Agustin Tash
556.  Ninja de la Magia Vol 4 by Agustin Tash
557.  Ninja de la Magia Vol 5 by Agustin Tash
558.  Ninja Ring by Shoot Ogawa
559.  NiPhone by Nie Te & Penny Chow
560.  No Props Needed by James Coats
561.  No Smoking Vol 1 & 2 by Royal Liu
562.  No Tear 2 by Andy Dallas & Mark Mason
563.  Non Toxic by Geraint Clarke
564.  Note by Matt Sconce

565.  Octopalm: Anti Gravity Gel by Jim Bodine
566.  Odds & Ends by Alan Rorrison
567.  Odyssey by Calen Morelli
568.  Odyssey by Lloyd Barnes & Enigma Ltd
569.  Odyssey by Rodrigo Romano (Disc 1)
570.  Odyssey by Rodrigo Romano (Disc 2)
571.  Off Side by Rizki Nanda
572.  OH!! by Spidey
573.  OLÉ by Juan Luis Rubiales & Luis de Matos
574.  Omega Mutation by Cameron Francis
575.  On the Spot by Gregory Wilson
576.  One Blank Card by Lee Smith
577.  OneTrix by Mario Lopez
578.  Open Traveller by David Acer
579.  Orbitbrown Season 2: Episode 9 - How its Made by Orbit Brown
580.  Origami Effect by Andrew Mayne
581.  Osmosis by Dalton Wayne
582.  Our Magic: A Documentary Film by Paul Wilson
583.  Overstuft by Bizzaro

584.  P1 by Eric Ross
585.  Pabular Vol 1 by Aldo Colombini
586.  Palom by Mareli
587.  Panagram - The Underground Collective
588.  Parasol Anywhere by Joker Lam
589.  Pass Through by Cody Nottingham
590.  Pen or Pencil by Mickael Chatelain
591.  Pen Through Finger by Matthew Johnson
592.  Pen2Pen by Olivier Pont
593.  Pencil by Sensor Magic
594.  Penciltration by Jesse Feinberg
595.  PENetration by Valdemar Gestur
596.  Penetration Impossible by Higpon
597.  Perfect Gum by Tony Ho & Kelvin Trinh
598.  Perfect Square by JB Dumas & Michael Lam
599.  Permanent Ink by Dalton Wayne
600.  Pickpocket by Claudio de Negri
601.  Pimpin by Nathan Kranzo
602.  Pin Clip by Sensor Magic
603.  PINcredible by Mr. Pearl
604.  Pinch by Thinking Paradox
605.  Pinky Thing by Nick Locapo
606.  Pinnacle by Russ Niedzwiecki
607.  Pinzamiento by Mario Lopez
608.  Ping by Tobias Dostal
609.  Placebo Eight by Sergey Koller
610.  Plus Ink by Nguyen Long
611.  Pocket Full of Miracles by Diamond Jim Tyler
612.  Pocket Power by Jarle Leirpoll
613.  Pocket Riser by Ralf Rudolph
614.  Pointless by Gregory Wilson
615.  Pop by Steve Rowe
616.  Possess Intouch by Arnel Renegado
617.  Post It by Julio Montoro
618.  Posted by Riggs Royena
619.  Pot of Jam by James Brown
620.  PowaLive 2017 by James Brown
621.  Praemovo by Alan Rorrison
622.  Premium Blend Vol 1-6 by Dan Harlan
623.  Prisma Lites by Rocco
624.  Pro Magic Live by Jay Jay
625.  Professional 2 by Kim Hyun Soo
626.  Professional by Kim Hyun Soo
627.  Professional Close Up Magic by Michael Skinner
628.  Professional Thimbles by Shoot Ogawa
629.  Project Vol 1 by Shiro Ishida
630.  Project X by Kareem Ahmed
631.  Promo by Marcus Eddie
632.  Promotion by Kyle Purnell
633.  Pseudo-Hipnose by Marcio Valentim
634.  Psi Series by Banachek
635.  Pull Top by Mr. Maric
636.  Pura Magia Vol 1 by Sylvain Mirouf
637.  Pure Smoke by Gregory Wilson
638.  Pyro & Pyro Mini by Adam Wilber
639.  Phantasy Magic Show by Tony Clark
640.  Phone Phreak by Jeff Prace
641.  Phone Vanish by Blake Vogt & Dan White
642.  PhoneBox by Steve Gore
643.  Photoshop by Will Tsai

644.  Quantum Bender 3.0 by John T. Sheets
645.  Quantum by Justin Miller
646.  Quantum Space by Calen Morelli
647.  Que Raro by Dani DaOrtiz & Christian Engblom
648.  Quick Clip 2 by Jibrizy Taylor
649.  Quit Smoking by David Stone
650.  Quiver by Kelvin Chow

651.  R.C.T.W by Ralf Rudolph
652.  RA by Greg Rostami
653.  RACAAN by Greg Rostami
654.  Rattled by Dan Hauss
655.  Raven by Chuck Leach
656.  Razors by Will Stelfox
657.  Razor's Edge by Morgan Strebler
658.  Real Man's Wallet by Steve Draun
659.  Real Work on Restaurants & Bars by Jay Sankey
660.  ReCap by Jay Grill
661.  ReCord by Rick Lax
662.  Red by Edouard Boulanger
663.  Red Mint by Victor Sanz
664.  Redline by Dan Hauss
665.  Redonkulous by Anthony Lindan
666.  Reel Magic Magazine Issue 2 - Jason Alexander
667.  Reel Magic Magazine Issue 4 - Bill Malone
668.  Reel Magic Magazine Issue 5 - Johnny Thompson
669.  Reel Magic Magazine Issue 6 - Dean Dill
670.  Reel Magic Vol 1 by Paul Diamond
671.  Refraction by David Penn
672.  Remarkable by Richard Sanders
673.  Remote Control Candle by J.C Magic
674.  Render by Sean Scott
675.  Repair by Michael Kent
676.  Retab by Arnel Renegado
677.  Revealed Magic Trick App
678.  Revelations by Dai Vernon (Vol 1-17)
679.  Revolution by Gregory Wilson
680.  Rewrapped by Dan Hauss
681.  Rhythm by Agustin
682.  Ring & Key by Perseus Arkomanis
683.  Ring Heist by Marcus Eddie
684.  Ring Theory by Antoine Thomas
685.  Ring Through Laces by Smagic Productions
686.  Ringer 2.0 by Blake Vogt
687.  RingPin by Gogo Requiem
688.  Ringside by Gregory Wilson
689.  Ringtone by Adam Grace
690.  Ripcord by Tom Elderfield & Ollie G Smith
691.  RipTac by Arnel Renegado
692.  Rise by Sean Scott
693.  River & Changeling by Shoot Ogawa
694.  Rizer by Eric Ross & B. Smith
695.  Roaming by Sean Scott
696.  Romantic Bar Magic Vol 1 by Stephen Ablett
697.  Romantic Bar Magic Vol 2 by Stephen Ablett
698.  Romhany's Multiplying Bottles by Paul Romhany
699.  Rope it Up by Soma
700.  Rope, Nut & Knot by Giovanni Livera
701.  Roped Evolution by Juan Pablo
702.  Rotate by Agustin
703.  Rubicon by Gregory Wilson
704.  Rubik Remembered by Mark Elsdon
705.  Rubik's Dream 360 by Henry Harrius
706.  Rubik's Dream by Henry Harrius
707.  Rubikulous by Jack Carpenter
708.  Rules of Thumb by Kevin James

709.  Safety by Chris Mayhew
710.  Saint Exupery Rose by Vincent Mendoza & Lost Art Magic
711.  Salt & Silver by Giovanni Livera
712.  Salvano Thumb Tip by Salvano
713.  Sankey 2015 by Jay Sankey
714.  Scorch by Jacob Hanson
715.  Scribble by Jeff Prace
716.  School of Magic Vol 7 by Dominique Duvivier
717.  Schrodinger's Balls by Rajan
718.  Sealed In by Alex Ward
719.  Seance by Dixie Dooley
720.  Secret Seminars Vol 1-6 by Patrick Page
721.  Secret Sessions by A-1 MagicalMedia
722.  Self Bending Paperclip by Menny Lindenfeld
723.  Self Filling Cigarette Box by Doruk Ulgen
724.  Self Flipping Notepad by Victor Sanz
725.  Self Guided Tour by Rick Lax
726.  Self Levitation 2.0 by Shin Lim, Jose Morales & Paul Harris
727.  Self Opening Soda Can by Ziv
728.  Self Tying Shoelace by Jay Noblezada
729.  Selfie by Simon R, Stefan & Alex Pandrea
730.  Senses by Christopher Wiehl
731.  Sew-On by Roddy McGhie
732.  Shape Shifter by Shin Lim & Riccardo Negroni
733.  Sharp Shot by Taiwan Ben
734.  Sharpee by Peter Eggink
735.  SharPen by Abhinav Bothra
736.  Sharpie Color Change by Manu Llari
737.  Sharpie Quickie by Platt Magic
738.  Sharpie Wonder by Joker Magic
739.  Shift Self Bending Paperclip by Taiwan Ben
740.  Shoe Business by Scott Alexander
741.  Shringk by Arnel Renegado
742.  Si Fi Project by Xiang Liu
743.  Signature Card by Sebastien Lacour
744.  Signed & Sealed by Nik Stokes
745.  Silk to Chocolate by Sean Yang
746.  Silk Thru Arm by Tony Clark
747.  Silk Thru Phone by Jeimin
748.  Silks from Nowhere by Tony Clark
749.  Sin City by Luke Dancy
750.  Sin Chopcup by Jaque Mago
751.  Six 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain
752.  Six by Mickael Chatelain
753.  Sketch by João Miranda & Julio Montoro
754.  Skim & M's by Ben Williams
755.  Skycap 2.0 by Paul Harris
756.  Sleeveless Sleeving by Johan Stahl
757.  Sleeving Collaboration of Lukas & Seol Park Vol 1
758.  Sleeving Collaboration of Lukas & Seol Park Vol 2
759.  Sleight of Hand by Earl Andre Vergara
760.  Sleight of Hand by Jay Sankey
761.  Sly News Tear by Tony Clark
762.  Smoke 2.0 by Alan Rorrison
763.  Smoked 2.0 by Christopher Dearman
764.  Smoking-i by Paul Harris
765.  Social Medium by Mark Calabrese
766.  Soft Spot - Signed Corner in Glass Bottle by Ralf Rudolph
767.  Solved by Adam Wilber
768.  Sonic Stab by Loki Kross
769.  Soul by Mario Lopez
770.  Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X
771.  Spaghetti Al Dente by Chad Long
772.  Spider Pen Pro by Yigal Mesika
773.  Spirit by Arnel Renegado
774.  Splash Bottle 2.0 by David Stone & Damien Vappereau
775.  Splinter by Marcus Eddie
776.  Spontaneous Combustion by Jay Sankey
777.  Sponge by Jay Noblezada
778.  Spongeball Toolbox by Steve Dacri
779.  Spotlight on Carey by John Carey
780.  Stacked Deck by Montysmagic
781.  Stained Glass by Adam Grace
782.  Stand Up Dobson by Wayne Dobson
783.  Standing Up on Stage Vol 1 Opening Acts by Scott Alexander
784.  Standing Up on Stage Vol 2 Personality Pieces by Scott Alexander
785.  Standing Up on Stage Vol 3 Feature Acts by Scott Alexander
786.  Starcle by Dan Harlan
787.  Static Balance by RN Magic Ideas
788.  Stay Cool by Tobias Dostal
789.  Stealing the Show - The Ultimate Pickpocket Guide by James Freedman
790.  Stessel's Button by John Stessel
791.  Sticky by Kevin Schaller & Oliver Smith
792.  Sticky Situation by Rick Lax
793.  Stir Crazy by Dan Hauss & The Blue Crown
794.  Stitch by David Gabbay
795.  StoneX by David Stone
796.  Stop Smoking by Mark Elsdon
797.  Storyteller by Ravi Mayar
798.  Street Thief by A.G.
799.  String Theory by Vince Mendoza
800.  Strong Man by Jimmy Strange
801.  SubZero by Arnel Renegado
802.  Sugar Rush by Brian Platt
803.  Sulfur by Justin Miller
804.  Supa Thump by Greg Rostami
805.  Super Soft Deluxe Nest of Wallets 2.0 by Nick Einhorn & Alan Wong
806.  SuperElevation 2.0 by Subrata Banerjee
807.  Supernatural by Jay Sankey
808.  Surface 3 by Arnel Renegado
809.  Surface by Arnel Renegado
810.  Surya's Device Trick by Sorcery Manufactruing & Surya Kumar
811.  Sweet Box by Alvaro Rubio
812.  Sweet Penetration by Jibrizy Taylor
813.  Sweetch by Gabriel Torres
814.  Switcher by Asi Wind
815.  Switcheroo Deck Holdout by Michael O'Brien
816.  Symphony on the Ring & Ribbon by Jay Scott Berry

817.  T R Cigarette by Arie Bhojez
818.  T.P.S (The Pilkey Switch) by Michael Pilkey
819.  Tab by Dalton Wayne
820.  Table Hopping Cups & Balls by Carl Andrews
821.  Tac Tick by Victor Sanz
822.  Tactical by Magicworld
823.  Tactics by J.T Chalatsis
824.  Tagged by Rich Ferguson
825.  Tandem by Justin Miller
826.  Tarantula by Yigal Mesika
827.  Tarantula II by Yigal Mesika
828.  Tchin by Eric Leblon
829.  Tear Down by Andrew Mayne
830.  Tearify Newspaper Mindreading by Nathan Kranzo
831.  Technical Dove Tosses by Dan Sperry
832.  teleFoto by Greg Rostami
833.  TeleFoto by Greg Rostami
834.  Tic Tac Collection by Spaghetti Magic
835.  Tie Knot by Lee Ang Hsuan
836.  Tilt by Matt Sconce
837.  Time For A Change by Lee Alex
838.  Timing is Everything by Tony Clark
839.  Tinta Viajera by Xulio Merino
840.  Titan's Finger by Titanas
841.  TKO by Jeff Kaylor
842.  To the Max by Keiron Johnson
843.  To-Do Voodoo by Rick Lax
844.  Toffee Across by Tom Elderfield
845.  Too Hot to Handle by Kieron Johnson
846.  Toosh by Steve Haynes
847.  Topit 180 by David Penn
848.  Topit Vanisher Masterclass by Patrick Page
849.  Topit Workshop Vol 1 by Bob Fitch
850.  Topit Workshop Vol 2 & 3 by Bob Fitch
851.  Torn & Restored Newspaper by Ben Salinas
852.  Torn 2 Pieces by Shawn Farquhar
853.  Tornado Box by Mickael Chatelain
854.  Tornado Twist by Kieron Johnson
855.  TOTB by Hanson Chien & Kevin Li
856.  Touched by Morgan Strebler
857.  Touching Bend by Erick Castle
858.  Turbo Cards by Ho Creative
859.  Turbo Stick by Richard Sanders
860.  Turn by Christophe Hery
861.  Twist by Titanas & Paul Harris
862.  Twisting Arm Illusion by Meir Yedid
863.  Twists & Turns by Mel Mellers
864.  The 702 Project
865.  The Amazing Guy by Thom Peterson
866.  The Amazing iCard by Daniel Garcia
867.  The American Sticks by Scott Alexander
868.  The Ammo by Gary Jones
869.  The Art of Levitation by Arthur Trace
870.  The Art of Levitation by Losander
871.  The Art of Levitation by Losander
872.  The Art of Presenting Magic to Children by Danny Orleans
873.  The Art of Sleeving by Alexander de Cova
874.  The Basics of Sleeving by Rocco
875.  The Best Trick of All the Best Tricks of the Year by Tom Phoenix
876.  The Bold Project Vol 1 by Justin Miller
877.  The Bold Project Vol 2 by Justin Miller
878.  The Bold Project Vol 3 by Justin Miller
879.  The Business of Street Magic 3 by Will Stelfox
880.  The Business of Street Magic by Will Stelfox
881.  The Business of Street Magic Vol 2 by Will Stelfox
882.  The Casino Con by Steve Gore & Gregory Wilson
883.  The Creator Live by Nicholas Lawrence
884.  The Cube by Takamitsu Usui
885.  The Dai Vernon Seminar by Roberto Giobbi (Disc 1)
886.  The Dai Vernon Seminar by Roberto Giobbi (Disc 2 & pdf)
887.  The David Roth Lecture by David Roth
888.  The Deception Project Vol 1 by Dana Hocking
889.  The Devil's Cola Bottle by Kevin Curtin
890.  The End Of My Rope Trick by Chris Philpott
891.  The Envelopologist by Scott Creasey
892.  The Essential Vol 1-3 by Aldo Colombini
893.  The Exciting World of Magic by Michael Ammar
894.  The Fielding West Comedy Magic Show by  Fielding West (Disc 1)
895.  The Floating Ball by Luis de Matos
896.  The Gecko Extreme by Andy Amix
897.  The Green Act by Mike Chao
898.  The Gift by Angelo Carbone
899.  The Haunted Ring by Arnel Renegado
900.  The Inception of Dove Magic by Kun Yi Lin
901.  The Incomparable by Finn Jon
902.  The Key by Andrew Mayne
903.  The Key by Wayne Dobson
904.  The Little Hand by Michael Ammar
905.  The Little Things Vol 1 by Alan Rorrison
906.  The Magic Cube by Gustavo Raley
907.  The Magic of Rocco Learning Experience by Rocco
908.  The Matrix Pad by Richard Griffin
909.  The Movie by Mário Daniel & Gee Magic
910.  The Office Animal by Simon Lovell
911.  The One by Po Chen Kuo
912.  The Pain Game by Jon Allen
913.  The Pantera Wallet by Outlaw Effects
914.  The Pennies by Giovanni Livera
915.  The Penguin Cups (Copper)
916.  The Portal by David Regal
917.  The Real Ghost by Christopher Taylor
918.  The Real Secret of Magic Vol 1 by David Stone
919.  The Real Secret of Magic Vol 2 by David Stone
920.  The Red Envelope by David Sousa
921.  The Rice Papers by Homer Liwag
922.  The Richard Sanders Show Vol 1 by Richard Sanders
923.  The Richard Sanders Show Vol 2 by Richard Sanders
924.  The Richard Sanders Show Vol 3 by Richard Sanders
925.  The Rose Routine by Rocco
926.  The Salt Game by Dirk Losander
927.  The Sankey Sanders Sessions Vol 1 by Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders
928.  The Sankey Sanders Sessions Vol 2 by Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders
929.  The School of Cool by Greg Wilson
930.  The Sickness Triology by Sean Fields
931.  The Solution by Michael Murray
932.  The Spectrumalist by Wayne Dobson
933.  The Squeezer by Diamond Jim Tyler
934.  The Stealth Case by Steve Cook
935.  The Step System Vol 1 by Lee Smith
936.  The Step System Vol 2 by Lee Smith
937.  The Sticky-Note Slide by Tyler Twombly
938.  The Sunshine Boys Lecture by Larry Becker & Lee Earle
939.  The Trix by Joel Dickinson
940.  The Ultimate Okito Vol 1 by Albo, Robert J
941.  The Ultimate Okito Vol 2 by Albo, Robert J
942.  The Ultimate Okito Vol 3 by Albo, Robert J
943.  The Ultimate Okito Vol 4 by Albo, Robert J
944.  The Ultimate Okito Vol 5 by Albo, Robert J
945.  The Ultimate Pickpocket Guide by James Freedman
946.  The Ultimate Stack Trainer by CubeMG
947.  The Ultimate Workers Vol 1-4 by Michael Close
948.  The Unknown by Mark Bendell & RSVP
949.  The Vanishing by Shin Lim
950.  The Vanni Bossi Lecture by International Magic
951.  The Wanderful Routine by GD Wu & JJ
952.  The White Box by Thinking Paradox
953.  The Worker's Dream by Harry Robson
954.  The World's Greatest Bar Bets by Paul Wilson
955.  The Yarn by Manuel LLaser
956.  This is my Pen by Stefanus Alexander
957.  Thought Plucker by Rick Lax
958.  Thread by Wayne Houchin
959.  Through & Through by Dan Hauss
960.  Through Being Cool by Nick Diffatte
961.  Through Cellophane by Nonplus
962.  ThrouTshirt by Deepak Mishra
963.  Thumbtipedia by Vernet
964.  Transcend by Pravar Jain
965.  Transit by Calen Morelli
966.  Tres Horas con Marko Vol 1 by Marko
967.  Trick Tac by Andrew Salas
968.  Trickery by David Forrest
969.  TRKS by Kyle Marlett

970.  Ultimate Card in Bottle by Issay Maya
971.  Ultimate Impromptu Magic Vol 1-3 by Dan Harlan
972.  Ultra Gum by Richard Sanders
973.  Ultra Visual NightShades by Mark Allen & Paul Harris
974.  Unbreakable Phone by João Miranda
975.  Uncaged by Finix Chan
976.  UnCAP by Hugo Luccioni
977.  Uncrush by Eric Ross
978.  Underground Lecture by Chris Kenner
979.  Unseen Forces by Marty Grams
980.  Unveil by Hyunjoon Kim
981.  Uri Geller Trilogy  by Uri Geller & Masters of Magic
982.  UTurn by Marcus Eddie

983.  Vapr Watch by Will Tsai
984.  Venom Project by Magie Factory
985.  Vertex Topit by Joke Magie
986.  Verve by Jacopo Maggetto
987.  Very Best of Volume 1 by Jay Sankey
988.  Very Best of Volume 2 by Jay Sankey
989.  Very Best of Volume 3 by Jay Sankey
990.  Vice by Jeff Prace
991.  Visions of Wonder by Tommy Wonder
992.  Visualize by Brendan Rodrigues
993.  Voodoo Match by Ravi Mayar
994.  Vortex: Off the Page by Tom Stone
995.  Voucher by Will Tsai
996.  Vuja De by Rick Lax

997.  Walletrix by Oliver Smith
998.  Warning by Kostya Kimlat
999.  Washington's Wish by Justin Miller
1000.    Watch by Jacques Le Sueur
1001.    Watch Over Coin by Gregory Wilson
1002.    Water To Beer by JP
1003.    Waxed by Lonnie Chevrie
1004.    We Can Do it by Han Seol-Hui
1005.    What Tha by Rodger Lovins
1006.    Whodunit by Dave Forrest
1007.    Wink by The Other Brothers
1008.    Winks Diary by Bill Thompson
1009.    Wired by Danny Weiser
1010.    Within by Arnel Renegado
1011.    Wonder Floating Balloon by Ryota
1012.    Word in a Million by Nicholas Einhorn
1013.    World Class Manipulation Vol 1 by Jeff McBride
1014.    World Class Manipulation Vol 2 by Jeff McBride
1015.    World Class Manipulation Vol 3 by Jeff McBride
1016.    World Magic Seminar Asia 2007
1017.    World Magic Seminar Asia 2009
1018.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Cups & Balls Vol 1
1019.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Cups & Balls Vol 2
1020.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Cups & Balls Vol 3
1021.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Fabulous Three Ball Trick
1022.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Finger Ring Magic
1023.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Gambling Routines
1024.    Worlds Greatest Magic - Ring on Rope
1025.    Worlds Greatest Magic - The Endless Chain
1026.    Worthy by Chris Webb
1027.    Wrap It Up by Jay Sankey
1028.    Write Angle by Jesse Feinberg

1029.    X Finger by Geoff Weber
1030.    X-avier Bend by Scott Xavier
1031.    X-Static by Ben Williams
1032.    xXx by Ilyas Seisov

1033.    Zinger by MAG
1034.    Ziplocked by Rob 


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